Audrey Tang 唐鳳 Taiwan’s Digital Minister

Interesting life and person. Left school at age 14. Speaks at least 4 languages. Hacker before being Taiwan government minister.

Good short recent video talking about Taiwan Gold Card.

Interesting video. Learned that broadband is a basic right anywhere and everywhere in Taiwan. And learned so much more. Wow, from a 2 year old video.

Note: Thought there was a related thread here already but can’t find it.


And she’s on here as well :slight_smile:


Audrey Tang is a personal hero of mine. Altho it’s a bid odd she went from anarchist to working in government. They basically recognized her talent and contacted her and invented a position for her.


And long time chthonic fan :metal: the metal connection seems strong in politics here.

Was a bit disappointing that her appearance on the Megaport festival was virtual only, but fun nonetheless. The old times style photos of her with Doris and Freddy, which were published in their interview a few weeks back, made up for it ^^

More seriously: great to see her interviewed in international media, I remember seeing two or so in Germany alone. Also her virtual speech at the German green party conference was giving nice publicity to Taiwan.


Video is in English.

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Probably could have spoken German, after all she went to junior high in Saarland ^^ just kidding, that was only a year. But the link has some cool background info.

Even some germans can’t understand the Saarländer :rofl:

Also the most important function of the Saarland in Germany is to be a reference for size comparisons.

I’d like to know how she liked going to school in Germany.


In this article, it was mentioned she liked it for two reasons: first, it was a healing phase for her, second she thought it’s good that kids get treated equal to adults. Not sure how it’s on Taiwan, but at least when I sent to school there was a bit of a difference (Du/Sie, Last Name/First name).

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Interesting I saw them today rerun on TV an old story today which was made months ago:

In Japan they more worry about domestic stories (COVID and the games, so not as much updated Taiwan news and/or Taiwan cases are much lower than Japans so maybe they do see it as serious as locals.

we stan a trans icon.




She could possibly be next or future Taiwan leader. Especially could be a good pick with younger voters. Amazing.


im ok with that. Audrey for president.


I feel like the only thing she’s done that I can name is the QR code thing but I guess a trans representative to the Olympics is always good press … to countries that matter anyway. Though tbf the whole “representative to Olympics” formality strikes me as incredibly cringe-inducing.


audrey has done a lot more than that.

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Better than japans cyber security minister….who doesn’t know how to use a computer.


Well I am not aware of most of them, but I am not gonna say anything as I heard she’s a user here and that has the potential to make everything very awkward.

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I believe, based on whatever limited information that I know, that she will support the rights of anyone and everyone to say anything they want without repercussion.

And she would probably love to see it here first ha


While I like her, moreso after reading the article linked above, putting together the top-ten list of Taiwanese computing personalities must have been a tough job.

Who came second? The guy who designed Ruten? Or did one of Taiwan’s world-renowned banking apps steal the #2 slot?


I think it was just AT from no. one to ten.