Audrey Tang 唐鳳 Taiwan’s Digital Minister

Audrey a while ago announced she will not go to Tokyo, so you’re good!


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Good choice, and I stand corrected. Maybe she’s the reason problems were resolved as quickly as they were.

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English version would be nice.


Now it all makes sense. A lot of praise for nothing. Progressive agendas…

What do you mean by “a lot of praise for nothing”?

Selected to represent Taiwan democracy to the world.


…Except if you are a foreigner . It’s shit. I don’t blame it on Audrey but she needs to step up more on this.

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It sucks for everyone. The only reason Tang gets attention is because it’s PC.

All location-related data is purged from the database after 28 days

To a technologist, this is quite a weak statement.

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Guessing the comment was made in frustration more than anything, but please allow me a little rant!

In my experience, every time possible Tang has stood up for the foreign resident community. She is fighting for you, and on record supporting a number of important issues - including easier access to citizenship.

Governments work in a certain way, and highly visible public methods can sometimes set back causes. Tang is incredibly intelligent and I think deserves the benefit of the doubt here.

For example, I was in a meeting with $government on Thursday, talking about MoI is planning to change the ID Number format . The officials had already been contacted by Minister Tang, who had done a great job of representing the position of the foreign resident. You’d never know it, since it’s not in the news like these videos, but I can confirm it’s happening where it needs to. At least for the departments I work with :slight_smile:


This is pretty much the reason why I decided to abandon almost all of my outrage. It isn’t productive.

Yes. It is an uphill battle, it is frustrating, but I need to be cool and collected.


Her role is very symbolic if you are aware of the process and R&R (role and responsibility) assigned to her in the government system. I had plenty of chats with other Minister w/o Portofolios (not just this government) and to resolve couple of issues mentioned here, you really need to talk to some other stakeholders as well.

This is an important point.

So much of the local mass media here is based on:

a) news conferences held by this or that political party, or NGO, or whatever; or

b) something they found on facebook.

It’s hard to see the backstory and some of the hard work that goes on to set policy or to adjust it. But watching the broader contours in policy change, there’s no doubt in my mind that this is the most progressive government I’ve seen since I moved here in the early 2000s—and Audrey is part of that.



I was not aware of that. Well done Tang.
And I am not blaming the situation on her, but of course it is part of her portfolio to deal with.


Audrey also publishes all meetings, interviews and protocols online if possible.

e.g this meeting protocol on the ID issue

There are some gems in there :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I’m only part way through it, good to see the processes in the background , thanks for sharing.


Not sure where to put this, but since the article concerns her, in a way, I’ll put it here.


Not surprised, but still happy Audrey dropped the following line:

Taiwan has been rated as completely open for three consecutive years. We’re the only Asian country with that distinction.


under intense pressure from Beijing - could be seen as being at odds with Washington’s “one-China” policy, which avoids taking a position as to whether Taiwan is part of China, the sources said.

Wtf? It’s a Washington policy? :roll_eyes:

There’s now a Ministry of Digital Affairs (moda) / 數位發展部
(seems like they’re stylizing the abbreviation as all lowercase)

Here’s the website!