What does augurous mean? A sense of foreboding dread? Is this a nice thing to wish on a newly married couple? In retrospect, my marriage had many auguries I wish I had known about…but give these kids a chance…

augur n. = Good omen
[1540-50; < L augur, der. of augere to AUGMENT with orig.
implication of " prosper "; cf. AUGUST]

augurous adj. you pick definiton.


America’s attack on Irag does not augur well for future peace.

You have to use an adjective with it.

Tigerman will say:

America’s attack on Irag augurs well for future peace.

There is no adjective derived from augur.

don’t be so sure alley…
check out

but it doen’t have a good meaning if it translates to “foreboding”.
I pick up the Latin root and use it to mean well.


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\Au"gu*rous, a. Full of augury; foreboding. [Obs.] ``Augurous hearts.’’ --Chapman.

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BTW, MW has no reference for “Augurous.”

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And is that a ‘giraffe’ g or a ‘girls’ g? I heard Colin Powell (I think it was - I wasn’t paying attention) on CNN talking about some explosions not aujering well for something or other (or maybe it was Alan Greenspan talking about the economy).