Auntie Nia's Cafe


I’m hoping to try this place soon. Walked by and the menu and food and setting all look good. A bit off the beaten path.

Auntie Nia’s Cafe American
No. 2, Lane 86, Leli Road, Da’an


Gotta like the name


logo needs work


They should drop the “Auntie”.


That pic of the steak on the menu doesn’t look right…


all of this


Directly next to an MRT station…


Yeah, it’s not sitting on a bed of noodles; and has chips beside it.

Wierd, man.


I’d like to try the place. And yeah, the steak seems to have a familiar shape to it…


It’s the Taiwan equivalent of a potato chip in the shape of the virgin Mary, or the image of Jesus on a toasted sandwich.

I’m sure Taiwan News will be all over this story tomorrow.


Look mom, no oily greasy food. Great food, great atmosphere, clean.


How are those sausages?


They taste like homemade. Good. Reminded me a little of the homemade German sausage at Der Löwe Bavarian Restaurant 巴獅子德國餐廳 No. 19, Lane 63, Section 2, Dunhua South Road, Da’an District, Taipei

And I’m not a sausage guy, not that there’s anything wrong with that.


Are you asking me out on a date tango😍


Well if you’re getting excited I aim to please.


How much did that meal set you back?




Q. The toast and jam, did you have to pay extra for that?
There’s a fantastic southern (Arkansas) diner in khh. Prices are about the same
, mid-200s for breakfast and coffee. And they have authetic biscuits. However, the nt60 biscuit comes with nothing. Butter is an extra nt10.
I guess I’m cheap. I don’t mind paying that price for a real treat once in a while. It’s that extra 10nt for butter that gets me.


It’s probably meant to make you associate it with grandma nitti’s. That’s what I thought of when I saw the name.


Sunday night is family dinner night