Aunty Anne Pretzels

Is there Aunty Anne Pretzels in Taipei?


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There is some new pretzel joint at the Breeze food court… but, I don’t know its name.

There used to be an Aunty Anne’s Pretzels at Warner Village in Taipei - is it gone?

The new pretzel place in Breeze Center is indeed an Aunty Anne’s. It’s in the center island just in front of the escalators. Almost makes up for Sunday’s closing.

hmmmm…yum…yum…yum…thanks lots to all of u…i can almost see my saliva dripping out… :wink:

can someone kind enuf to let me know the address…the website must hv crashed w the earthquake just now…thanks

Sadly, yes. I remember the pretzels there were yummy and this thread gave me a craving so I went there yesterday and I think it’s now a Japanese place. Soft pretzels are available from the hot dog/pizza/etc. shop, but they were disgusting, IMO. Must… visit… Breeze…

[quote=“itsme_alien”]hmmmm…yum…yum…yum…thanks lots to all of you…I can almost see my saliva dripping out… :wink:

can someone kind enough to let me know the address…the website must have crashed w the earthquake just now…thanks[/quote]

39, Fuxing South Rd, Sec. 2
(at the intersection of Civic Boulevard and Fuxing South Road)
Tel: 0809-008888; 02-6600-8888
Hours: 11am-9:30pm Sun-Thur; 11am-10pm Fri-Sat

The pretzels are in the food court.

I saw one a couple weeks ago. It was either in the Taipei 101 Mall, or in the basement of the Breeze Center on Fuxing N. Road.

Thanks Tigerman…you are a sweetie like the pretzels… :slight_smile:

Chris, I think it is Breeze Centre u saw. Have been to Taipei 101 and not seen it.

Time to head for Breeze Centre and braved the rain before we get the typhoon warning… :smiley:

Btw, since Tigerman is “almost like God”…I pray that there will be more outlets by next year in Taipei…connect us Tigerman!!!


i stand corrected! hadn’t seen this bastion of us mall culture in taiwan yet

Does Wendels Bakery in Tianmu sell soft pretzels too?

(I am in need of 10-12 soft pretzels by 9am Tuesday morning…)

They have one in Asiaworld Mall. I love lemonade. Auntie Anne’s and Chick-Fil-A have the best. Man, if only they’d get a Chick-Fil-A here…

My only complaint about Auntie Anne’s is that they don’t have chocolate dipping sauce and the pretzels don’t have enough salt on them. Other than that, they are nice and buttery, just like home.

Just saw on Facebook the Auntie Anne’s has come back to Taiwan.


Finally! Now we only need Cinnabon to open 27 stores.


I wonder how the logic works on this. They were here for, what, seven or eight years? And it didn’t work out. Now they’re trying again. What’s changed to make them think it’ll go better this time?

(See also Quizno’s, which has come and gone … twice now?)

the first store is already open

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I need an update to this post @tempogain.

Is there Aunty Anne Pretzels in Taipei?

Lol. I guess I know less now than I did then!