Austrailia vs New Zealand

Ok…nearly forgot to add the two of you. This should be a piss…lookin forward to it.

Sheep, that’s all.

Oh, and their black people aren’t usually anywhere near as black as ours,


We have better looking sheep, plumper and nice white fleeces (although to be fair I have to say that NZ wool tends to be coarser).

Dude, is someone paying you to be boring???

Dude, is someone paying you to be boring???[/quote]

We have to meet…I’ve got the KY big guy…you bring the rubbers. We’ll see who strangles who first.

Kiwis and Aussies tend to not have these discussions, cos we each honestly believe we are in the better country and don’t really give an insecure flying fuck about the other.

Yeah, and anyway everyone is way too stoned to care!

Someone give this man a Sheep…ASAP…

Eh…ya know where i can buy some Fosters?

It sounds like you need yourself some more Oz beer.

It sounds like you need yourself some more Oz beer.[/quote]


I don’t have a horse in this race but an Australian girl her once remarked to me that New Zealanders are their Canadians so I guess there might a couple people that get into the same kinds of pissing matches there.

New Zealand = Canadians!!! :astonished: What a F@cking insult!!! :slight_smile:

I have heard that too, but only from the sort of wankers no one else can be bothered listening to. Usually timorous kiwis trying to get pally with a bunch of limp-wristed Cannucks . . . “no really guys, like we’re just like youse, see, Oz is big and nasty and just absolutely everywhere, just like America.”


It doesn’t matter because nobody can understand a damn thing any Australian or Kiwi is saying. Maybe the Canadians should go there and teach English or something.

I’m just kidding!