Australia Afraid of the PRC
Foreign ministry protests visa snub

NO ENTRY: Australia has denied the head of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Commission a visa to visit the country’s Chinese communities next month

War, I say, War :imp: these pesky Australians must be stopped - time to declare war :smiling_imp:

Nah, everyone knows that Pauline Hanson is in charge of Visa applications

My Taiwanese wife, just over one week before we were to be married in Australian, had her visa knocked back two times, before finally getting it on the third attempt, two days before we were to leave. Biggest bunch of pricks it Taiwan. And I’m a proud Aussie. Don’t talk to me about it, wankers they are.

Ditto to that. I’m also an Aussie - though certainly not proud of it! Yes to fighting any war of the seppoes choosing, no to Taiwanese dignitaries and cheeks spread wide for China. I won’t even start on the Australian aborigines, seemingly they no longer exist, or is that they because they never did? (Terra nullius…more like terror nuthouse at the moment)

Gutless fuckers. I was just back there and the place literally reaked of Howard’s xenophobia. What do those clowns in Canberra hope to acheive by constantly bending over for China except more rogering? Surely someone back there knows the game, smile, nod “yes, yes” and business as usual. The balance of trade between Australia and Taiwan alone should guarantee Ah Bian’s entrance for fucksake.

Saw the bit in the Taipei Times on Paogao’s adventures as a Taiwanese digger, maybe it wouldn’t be that bad to drop the passport and do a bit of time on an offshore island watching the commies after all. Better yet, maybe I could declare myself a refugee from an inhospitable political environment.

Amos, when my missus dropped in to visit me during a prolonged stay in Oz some time back the customs clown fired a pile of ridiculous questions at her which she scarcely understood. When she told me it was immediately clear the bastard was trying to ascertain whether she was a whore or a legitimate tourist! A tad more English ability on her behalf and I swear she would have beheaded him on the spot. Left her with absolutely no interest to return.


Australia’s foreign policy has deteriorated very badly under John Howard. Howard is incredibly short sighted and narrow minded. His ideas are not much different from the infamous Pauline Hanson–he is just a more astute politician and more articulate.

Paul Keating–Australia’s PM from 1991-1996–had a vision that saw Australia as part of Asia and engaged in a positive way with our Southeast Asian neighbours (although his relationship with the Suharto regime in Indonesia was questionable).

Howard seems determined to isolate Australia and adopt a fortress state mentality ala the USA.

Geez, Australians can write :wink:
That’s just destroyed everything I believed

We still profit from legal immigration; don’t forget that. Although Howard is a nonse; I’m with Amos… don’t talk to me about my country. I just like the Vegemite :wink: