Australia can't catch a break

March 19, March 21, March 22

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And to think, they call it the Lucky Country!

Been a tough few days down here.

As in, they’re lucky they’re still around.
The rains are one those ‘once in every 50 years’ events that seem to be happening more and more frequently. Just saw the weather guy on CNN- he was explaining that last year’s fires had the result of sealing the ground so a lot of the rainfall couldn’t be absorbed. He used the analogy of searing a steak to keep the juices in, only in this case it keeps them out.
Good luck for any Forumosans who have family or friends down there.

That aussie fire cheif/marshal/? Just keeps grinning.

Tough bit for the aussies. Fires, rodents, toads, CCP, CCP virus, droughts, UV and so on. Quick, someone show their highest officials a snowball to show them everything is alright!