Australia has more accidents than Taiwan

Good point beachsideQueenslander. I only spent a year in Assie land. Did not want to come back dough. Absolutly loved it. I bet my ignorance must sound pretty funny for someone who actually grew up over there. Glad you got a good laugh and did not jump at a good opportunity to criticise my ignorance in a negative way. We saw many roos in the country road side at night but never hit one. It’s just that the lasting impression I had from seeing so many roo bars in australia was that it was a common day to day thing for people to hit kangaroos. If they spend the money to protect their vehicules, there must be a reason. Come to reflect on the comments of a native Australian, you’re right, saw the roos, saw many roo bars but never actually met any Australians who hit one.
As for the other comments following my last post. When I wrote go home if you don’t like it. I meant if you don’t like it. So many of you sound like you like it here and I can easily understand because I love it here too. That comment was not for you. It’s said in the same way you would say it to a close friend that is not happy of where he is at. And yes, I have good and bad days like anyone. I did let go a little steam on my last post and it seems I just got negative responses to a pretty harmless comment. “If you don’t like it, go home” I think that’s fair. I can not agree with using this forum for lettig off steam. Because I’ll just feel even worse when I log back on to read the nasty responses some of you felt were appropriate. There is I’m sure a way to release pressure with the proper words and avoid negative responses but I’m afraid I don’t have the ability(This is my second language)to choose my word carefully enough. I will just say this to conclude. I dearly apologize to anyone I may have offended in my previous posts or this one. This said honestly, I will not reply to anymore posts that would seem to simply be aimed at making me feel little. I have enough bad days as it is.

someone else already posted this little gem the last time the “like it or leave it” argument was foolishly bantered about… it’s a pity i can’t for the life of me find it, because I’d like to give them credit for it…

[quote]the correct response to the “if you don’t like it, go home” lark is…
“f*ck off, I live here.”[/quote]


Many off roaders here in Taiwan sport cowbars and the like…


I’ve only spent a couple of weeks in Oz, up around Taree. Saw a wombat roadkill on the drive up from Sydney, and we hit and killed one of those mini-roos – wallaby? – early one morning while my mate was inspecting some soy crops. Made a hell of a mess.

[quote=“Mr He”]Many off roaders here in Taiwan sport cowbars and the like…

Weird.[/quote]What, you mean you’ve never nearly crashed into a cow or kangaroo up there in Yangmei? I mean, gosh, there are so many wild animals to avoid and raging rivers to be forded on my way to work I don’t know how I’d make it without my roo bars, 10" lift and mud boggers :astonished:


Well I nearly hit a betelnut girl once, does that count? :wink:

You boys have got to lay off the bong…Hehe!

Maybe Wallaby is Aboriginal for mini-roo.

Mini-roos can be seen right up to the edge of Melbourne city.

Maybe Wallaby is Aboriginal for mini-roo.

Mini-roos can be seen right up to the edge of Melbourne city.[/quote]

Well, Kangaroo is aboriginal for “I don’t know”. When the settlers saw a kangaroo and asked the locals “What’s that?” they answered “I don’t know.” Or so I’ve read.

They have wild wallabies in wee Scotland, Sandman. Theres quite a community up there now.
I cant understand what they say though, their accent is a little strange.

I’ve seen first hand several accidents occur out here in Brisbane… as well as knowing of friends who have been involved in motoring accidents (some serious)… and it scares the sh*t out of me

I wouldnt think that Australia has a higher number of road accidents than Taiwan though