Australian Citizenship by descent - now done in HK

hey all,

Just started the application for Citizenship by Descent for new daughter.
This is no longer done in the Australian Economic and Culture Office in taipei. You now must send the application to Hong Kong for processing.
Not sure why this is as other visa services are still available. It says it will take longer for those applying from taiwan.

I wonder if the will stop other visa services in the future.

Has anyone reading this applied for CBD for one of their children.

I have 2 birth certificates for my daughter (one in english, one in chinese) and both have different names.
The application says “have you been known by any other names”? And you have to attach evidence.

I’m just trying to avoid paying $1800NT to have the Chinese birth certificate translated.

Anyone else have this problem?

I thought it always had to be done through HK. That’s where I had to do my son’s 10 years ago when he was born and then again through HK to get a replacement certificate 5 years ago. But the Trade office in Taipei did the paperwork and sent everything off to HK for me, then HK sent it back to them. Is that what you mean by them not doing it anymore.

When my son was born here, the hospital gave us both an English and Chinese version of his birth certificate. The Chinese one only has his Chinese name, which is three characters, and the English one has the English spelling of those same 3 characters with his English name included last, so.
Chinese: Family Name, First Name, Second Name
English: Family Name, First Name, Second Name, English Name.

The English version of his name is what appears on the Australian Birth Certificate that we got through HK.
In his Taiwan passport, he has his Chinese name in Chinese Characters as well as the English version in the “Also Known As” section. In his Australian passport he only has the English Version of his name, the same as his Australian and English Version birth certificate.

In 10 years, I haven’t ran into any problems with the name or any of the certificates. But I notice you say your two certificates have different names, I planned my son’s so there wouldn’t be much difference, just the addition of his first English name. Sorry, I probably haven’t been any help with what I have said, just telling what I did. The trade office should be able to give you some suggestions on what needs to be done. Maybe you will just need to have it translated and that might be a good investment for future paperwork, like passports.

Oh, I tried to get help from the Birth, Deaths and Marriages back in NSW when I was home once and they were totally useless just saying he wasn’t born here so you have to do it all overseas.

I applied for that for my son, though not in HK. I’m pretty sure that question is referring to women who may have had another name before they were married, or people who have had a name change for another reason. Maybe contact them and check? Better than advice from a forum on an official matter.

HI, thanks for your reply. No this is a new development (as mentioned on their website)

There will be no more interviews/paperwork done by the Taipei office. You fill in the form yourself and post it to HK.
I guess it doesn’t change things to much but i wonder why they have stopped this. It would be good to get the paperwork looked over before it is sent.
Im sure all the paperwork was done in HK but you still had a chance to go into the ACIO.
You can still go in for the spouse visa though.

From a legal/technical perspective these are two different names in officialdom (even though they are very similar).

But I notice you say your two certificates have different names, I planned my son’s so there wouldn’t be much difference, just the addition of his first English name. [/quote]
Sorry, i should have been clearer. The two names are very similar, like you have done, i included an English last name (which cant be written in chinese). Because they are different i think you’d have to assume, from a legal perspective, they are separate names and you are supposed to mention it.

Did you not mention it when you applied?

I can get the chinese certificate translated but money is a bit tight and it will cost me $1800NT to translate and notarise!!
I just want to avoid the extra cost if i don’t have too. Doing a spouse visa at the moment and all up (with translations) it will be $60,000nt.

I just want to ask, did you get the copies of documents certified at ACIO in Taipei?