Australian Cuisine?

Now, not that a restaurant would make a whole lot of money here if it only served typical Australian cuisine (which, funnily enough, I am at a loss to define). :smiley:


…there does come a time in a young man’s life when he craves the taste of a home-cooked meal (as I’m sure you’ve all experienced) that he doesn’t have to home-cook himself, and that doesn’t cost him the entire week’s food budget. After having eaten [color=red]quite enough[/color] ruroufan, fast food, and exorbidantly priced ‘western’ meals, I would just like to go somewhere (reasonably priced) and have a nice, filling, yet plain meal (like mama used to make :cry: ). So… with careful thought as to what might constitute Australian food in Taiwan, can anyone suggest a nice place to go?

-Dave :smiley:

Don’t know what would be considered traditional Australian these days – last time I was in Oz (up and down the Sunshine Coast, visiting a lot of wineries) I had some of the best cuisine I’ve ever had in my life, and it was all described to me as Australian.

I think Oz has come a long way from the days of meat pies – although, what’s the name of that fancy dept. store in Sydney that has a whole section devoted to nothing but pies and links? Mmmmmmmmmmm! David Smith’s or something?

If you want to know about Oz culture, go no further than this
p(a)lace in Wooloomooloo called ‘Harry’s Cafe de Wheels’. It’s been around for 70 years; my dad went there as a kid, then introduced me to the dog’s eye (meat pie) with dead horse (tomato sauce).

By the way, Sandman - Wineries on the Sunshine Coast? That’s north of Brisvegas (Brisbane) where it’s hotter than a dog on heat… Are you sure, mate?



Kangaroo and crocodile meat are certainly typical Australien food, aren’t they!? :laughing:


I was staying with friends in a place called Tarree, north of Sydney and not far from (I think) Newcastle. The tourist signs said the area was called the Sunshine Coast. Isn’t north of Brisbane called the Gold Coast? Anyway, there were definitely lots of wineries and I couldn’t walk on my friend’s lawn at night on account of there was a four-foot brown snake living under their house.

Isn’t Australian Cuisine an oxymoron?

Since I am an Australian, Babou, living in Taiwan, I’m not so sure that a link to Harry’s Pies in King’s Cross will be so useful to me. But thanks anyway. :smiley: I’ve been there; good after a big night out (or during, for that matter).

As for a ‘dog’s eye’ with ‘dead horse’… I’ve never heard of that in my life. And I think the common Australian word for a hot day is ‘scorcher’, or alternatively ‘as hot as [insert expletive here]’. I know you’re Australian mate, but I think you play it up a bit too much :?

Sandman, the store with all the food is called David Jones. And yeah, you’re right, the Sunshine Coast is one of the most popular wine-drinking destinations:
The Sunshine Coast is about 2 hours drive north of Brisbane, and therefore not near Newcastle.

I think I may have phrased my original question badly. Where can I find a plain, uninteresting, meat-and-three-veg meal, with a beer on the side in Taiwan? :slight_smile:

Ah well, so I wasn’t on the Sunshine Coast… but there were definitely wineries… lots of them… with the most wondrous food and as much free wine as you could stomach. If you’ve never tried yabby bisque followed by pan-fried flatheads with mango white wine coulis, you haven’t lived. And a cafe that looked like a big giant sea-shell. And a place called Casino that had none. And lashings and lashings of wine. And BOAG’S. And there was sunshine. And a coast. And ants the size of mice that could chew your arm off. And all the roads are made of dirt except one. And everywhere’s at least 3 hours drive away from anywhere else. I can’t wait to go back.

In answer to your question, though, try The Shannon, on Dunhua South Road, just south of the intersection with Nanjing E. Road next to Dan Ryan’s.

You’ve just made me hungry and homesick :laughing:

[quote]As for a ‘dog’s eye’ with ‘dead horse’… I’ve never heard of that in my life.[/quote]Lazy, now come on mate, are you really an Aussie, or just an Austrian trying to be one of us. Seriously, you’re joking aren’t ya? Just to make some of you jealous, I’m heading back to Melbourne on Sunday for the wedding, are am endeavouring to eat as much chicken parma and chips, bangas and mash and dog eyes as I possibly can. Can’t wait.

Seriously, Lazy, you’ve never heard of those terms (“dog’s eyes”, “dead horse”, etc)? Well tie me down and call me Charlie, mate, I’m bushed as to where you’re from. Maybe you’ve never lived out back of Burke, or gone troppo…

Now I’m not wanting to start a blue, mate, but in Brisneyland, without that type of vocab you’d stand out like dog’s balls on a baby’s bum, fer cryin out loud.

C’mon, it’s just not cricket, to knock yer countrymen, is it?

Actually, yes it is. Ok, so that bloke Amos started it…

I was bloody edified until that larrikin came along. Chucked down more posts in a month than I could get in a year… and look at his farkin karma. I hope he dies and rots in hell… Amos, what was that quote you gave from Paul Keating?

Hey, Lazy, I’m just takin the piss. I promise to buy you a round if I see you out one night - AND I’ll try my best to speak the Queen’s English. Maybe we could meet at the “Cairns Restaurant”, or something like that - I think it’s Australian.

Babou, Paul said " hey Jim, Paul Keating here, just because you swallowed a f#$%#$ing dictionary when you were about 12 years old, doesn’t mean you can pour a bucket of shit over the rest of us" Roughly anyway. I’m just hanging a bit a shit, there’s no pouring on my part though. Cheers Amos. Btw, I’m always keen to share a few lies over a slab or two.

Dogs eyes and dead horse? Most certainly.

The area Sandman is referring to is the The Hunter Valley and yes there are some great wineries to be had up that way…and lots of snakes. There’s also lots of pot, which makes for a bad match in my experience.


Oh yeah, the weed! We got some killah stuff near a cool organic cafe in some hills that was supposed to be where Jimmy Blacksmith once lived. (The Chant of Jimmy Blacksmith – what was that story about?)

Re: Jimmy Blacksmith.

It was first a novel by Thomas Keneally (who also wrote “Schindler’s List”)and then a film, which according to this site is… “(b)ased on a true incident, about a half-caste aborigine who rebels against the racism of the English settlers and murders several white women. He is killed, in turn, by white Australians.”

Here’s a link to the real life character both the film and book are based on, Jimmy Governor. Quite an interesting read.

Here’s a snippet:

"From Ned Kelly to Chopper Reed, certain rogues have indelibly captured the public imagination. Somewhere in the middle of these extremes lay the exploits of the

…Oh! And Babou. I posted this under favourite places to eat or some such thread but here it is again. La Terrasse

The stuff you guys know about Oz!

Sandman, apologies, it seems that you were right about the location of the Sunshine Coast. I thought you were just too pissed from all the red to realise that you were in the wrong state. I had no idea there was another…

HG, thanks for the tip about the restaurant. I’ll definitely go there when I’m in TaiZhong. But, it was Lazy who started the post, so maybe he’ll want to know…


Ps: Lazy, mate, I agree that I might be “putting it on” a bit with the use of Aussie vernacular. However, it’s a simple way of staying Australian in a society that automatically identifies oneself as American, simply due to the colour of one’s skin. Hopefully too, other Aussies will understand the lingo and enjoy reading it.

And, given that my Dryzabone got flogged last winter, and that I ran out of Vegemite last week, I’d say I need to retain every bit of cultural identificaation possible.

Taree north of the Hunter? Right, but we drove in a leisurely fashion from Sydney to Taree, with a diversion up the Hunter Valley along the way. I went to Lismore, yeah, but as I said, a lot of weed was involved, so I’m a little hazy. Par for the course for Lismore, so I’ve heard. :wink:

These posts are bringing back happy memories of a wonderful trip in a wonderful place, though.

HGC, many thanks for that information.

Babou, if I were to give a jar of Vegemite to Alien, would it eventually get to you?

Sure mate, I reckon the JAR would get to me…
…maybe smashed on the back of my head, the way things are going!




I’m willing to donate a half litre jar of the stuff.

My mother popped over with two 500g jars! :shock: It’s just cluttering up my freezer…what else could I do?

Based on my usual pattern of consumption and probable life expectancy… that should see me right till around 50 years after my death.