Australians and New Zealanders - what's the difference?

Celine Dion.

Mario lives in Pittsburgh. I wonder where Wayne lives? :wink:

Ireland WASP ? Some people might disagree with you there. But I get your general point.

To clarify - the Go Betweens are Australian and the Datsuns are from New Zealand - which kind of throws yr entire arguement on its head.[/quote]
It also neglects Shihad, Head Like A Hole, etc. on the Kiwi side for the rock your balls off style. Or Split Enz, different that they were.

And Crowded House, as a band, were Australian. Only Neil, and temporarily Tim, Finn were Kiwis. Neil was the brains of the outfit, but still. Sounds right - Kiwi for the brains, Aussies for the gruntwork.

Now, about the way we talk. I am from Christchurch, New Zealand, and we talk beautifully, not like Aucklanders, who are just Australians living on the wrong side of the sea. Blinkin’ Aucklanders and their nasal sounds give the rest of us a bad name.

Yes but Aucklanders aren’t New Zealanders, they’re Aucklanders.

The difference is New Zealanders care and Aussies couldn’t give a stuff about the differences.

Bullocks. As a Kiwi, I don’t give a damn either.


I got you first Brian.

Bullocks. As a Kiwi, I don’t give a damn either.


See, you’re all the same! Sheep-shagging descendants of criminals with annoying accents. New Zealand is just a state of Australia, or is Australia the West Island of NZ? I can never remember.

Actually, one thing that I do remember is hot Australian women and girls in NZ that looked like, well, sheep. Honestly, I don’t recall ever meeting an attractive kiwi-woman. They all looked like Tetsuo, apart from the really ugly ones.

You must be mad. Well, it is fairly well known that I prefer women of Asian persuasion, but of all the white women I’ve met, Kiwis as a whole are the best looking and British chicks the worst. Well maybe the Swedes or the French are better than Kiwis, but the French can be such snobs, and the Swedes … well nothing wrong with Swedes actually.