Authentic Adidas/Nike products?

Hello sneaker heads! Your help greatly needed rn!

So lately I have been strolling around the Tainan city and found that there is a clearance sale on Nike/ Adidas products ranging from hats, jackets, to shoes. There is no legit store, just a bazaar inside a hall with all those products lined up.

It comes to my attention that the price was discounted about 60-50%. But as we know, China and Taiwan are not known for its regulation against fakes/ dupes.

So the main question is, how to know that the seller sells authentic shoes/ jacket? Since I don’t want to spend 1000 nt on shoes or jacket that break down in a year (functionality over brand, but I still fancy some of the items sold there)

Edit: they also sell Mizuno and Kawasaki jacket there with 90% discount, makes you wonder whether it’s real deal or just another junk dupes

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Yes there are.

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What typically happens are the OEM makers of those brand clothes and/or shoes “keep” overstock or make too much (wherever they are made), and then they sell it through their own channels to make some extra money. If you don’t mind this (I never do), it’s okay. For shoes, just check sewing and glue quality with the soles.


its usually ok, like KHH said, surplus or last season stock, i got a few great bargains in those sales.

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Can be really old, I had the sole on a pair of runners from these outlets just come off clean in one go. I was curious if I could get it re-glued so I went to the local shoe guy. He said don’t bother, by the tiny stress markings on the shoe elsewhere he could tell that the synthetic material was aged and now breaking down. So I think as others said a lot of these are old stock, like really old stock.


If the shoe is in good enough shape otherwise, just get some shoe goo or the like and glue it up yourself…

I meant the one that sold the old stock is not a physical store but a bazaar, my apology on the ambiguity

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Is that so? It’s a shame since the shoes age in the store unused yet the stress on the material is already that bad to the point it’s unrepairable

these things are not built to last :slight_smile:
they want you to buy again in the new season…

I get that. But legit stores exist in Tainan.

I think they’re legit, but I’ll look into newer model… seems like some model are too extravagant/ Hypebeast to the point no one bought them. Cue Adizero Boston 11 and x9000L4

Both are made in 2021 but it went on the clearance sale

China, yes. Not Taiwan. It’s very unlikely they are fake. You can shop at ease.