Authenticating university degree

I’m going to get a 2 month visitor visa, which should be easy to get at the Taiwan consulate in Melbourne. This should give me good time to look for work.

I am making sure that my “purpose” for the visitor visa is “sightseeing”
The reason (which you may be aware of) is that if I say the purpose is “to look for work” they will not give me a visitor visa.
This is all okay with me.


I need to get my University degree authenticated at the Taiwan Melbourne consulate too, (in the event I do get a teaching job, so that I can get a work permit and ARC).
The thing is, the application form for the authentication of my degree requires me to state the “purpose” for authentication. I cannot think of any other “purpose” to authenticate a university degree than for “work purposes”. I fear this may jeapardise my chance of getting a visitor visa, as it conflicts with my “Sightseeing” purpose.

My solution:

Get the visitor visa first. Once I get the 2 month visitor visa, then get the university degree authenticated.
The thing is, I’m just afraid that they may see that I have already applied for the visitor visa, and cancel it as the “sightseeing” purpose of the visitor visa conflicts with “work” purpose of the authentication of the degree.

I hope you understand what I am saying.

Did anyone face this problem when coming to Taiwan?

It’s my understanding that the ministry of consular affairs (MOCA) in Taipei also authenticates documents. You may be able to simply do it here, if you think asking for a tourist visa in TECO and then handing them you credentials for authentication blows the lid off your ruse.

Could you say that the purpose of authentication is to apply for graduate school or something like that?

I’d second that. A study trip that suddenly lands a job opportunity is more than plausible.

Thanks guys. If I said the purpose for authentication was for “study”, couldn’t they still cancel my visitor visa and tell me to get a study visa instead - thus needing to show proof of enrolment, subject timetables etc?

Tell them you go to see and “interview” the universities, and would like to be ready in case you can hand in the paperwork. Most universities accept foreign students’ documents until April, and won’t get back to you until May or so. If they ask too many details -which I don’t think they will- get a few clips from websites and stuff, tell them you’re undecided and that’s why you wanna check it out yourself in person.

Wht are they making such a fuss is beyond me…

Anyways, you can also check out positions open at college level… :wink: