[Authentication]Need TECO diploma verify for ARC/WorkPermit?

Hi All,

First let me say I am happy to be here in the forum and it has been of great help thus far.

Anyways, my question for the council is as follows:

I am arriving in Taipei from the USA of 15 Feb. Do I need to get my college diploma and transcripts verified by the Chicago TECO, or will they be fine without it. I am planning to use my diploma/transcripts for teaching English and getting an ARC/Work Permit. Will I be ok without the verification? Will the schools I am going to work for ask for the degree to be verified?

It will just be hard to get the thing verified in time, because it has to be sent to LA (it is from a school out of Chicago

Shouldn’t think it’s a problem. I’ve only ever produced photocopies, and signed off on them myself.

For a teaching related job, see above (not sure).

For a non-teaching job, the answer is yes.

I’ve never had to have my diploma certified, but I needed to bring it with me as when I began teaching my employer had to send it the Ministry of Education in Taiwan for verification, photocopies didn’t cut it. For other non-teaching jobs I’ve had a copy was suffice. But I am wondering if there is a difference here between those who are married to locals and those who are not.


I’m not married to local, and I had to have all my documents authenticated by the TECO back home. We also needed to have our wedding certificate translated into Chinese/English (we have both) and had it authenticated by TECO in order to obtain an ARC for my wife.

For college/university work (at least as of my last contract which was 1998 before I wised up and got out!! :sunglasses: ) you DID need verification of diplomas through the TECO nearest your school.

GO AHEAD and do it now if possible. I lost out on an entire year of seniority in my teaching career because of the incompetence of the school’s personnel department; another teacher who had the same hire date as mine went through the back door and did her own TECO verification, while I relied on their word that they would handle it; result she got the whole year from her hire date and I didn’t. Doesn’t matter much now, of course, but it was annoying vis a vis salary, sabbatical year (if that had ever come to pass) etc. and it would never have gone away.

All documents from overseas should be certified by the nearest Overseas Taiwan Representative Office.