[Authentication] Need translation/Certificate of Singlehood

I never realized getting married is such a …UUGHHH!

I have to prepare my boyfriend’s a) Certificate of Singlehood in English and b) an English translation of his household registration.

Then, I have to go to the District Court of Taipei and then to MOFA.


  1. How do I go about getting a Certificate of Singlehood (in English)?
  2. Does anyone know of any translation company for the household registration? Are they reliable?
  3. Whare is the District court of Taipei?

How long will the whole process take? Should we start a month before the planned weddind day?

There is a long thread on this topic. Search the forum.

And the knowledge base.

Thanks for the advice, Alleycat.

I have already been to the marriage forum but they are all related to the requirements of the foreign spouse (eg., Clean Criminal Record, Marriage license, health exam, etc…). Based on said discussions, that is why we are marrying in my country.

I need help with the requirements of my local boyfriend. We have no idea whatsoever.


Oh I see. You’re going to marry Stateside or wherever, and you want to know as to how to go about proving to the State in which you plan to marry that he is not married.

I think you should get him to look into it. Perhaps it’s something to do with his Household Registration.

Or as many Taiwanese marry US and UK citizens, I’m sure it’s not a difficult procedure. Why not find a Website, such as this one, frequented by Taiwanese who have married overseas. I’m sure there is one.

There is a court house somewhere in Shilin, Taipei County where you can get the single certificate sheet in English (Could be the District Court). However, if you are getting married in the US you don’t need it. But you had better check with the state athurities you will be getting married in.