[Authentication] Notarizing ROC marriage certificates

Thrilling topic eh? Seriously, the MOFA told my wife that our ROC marriage certificate would need to be notarized by AIT as part of my resident visa application. This seems totally insane to me – why does one need to get a foreign government or notary public to certify an ROC document???

It’s not big money, just annoying as hell!


MOFA Taipei?

I got mine (picked up 2 days ago) and I did not need to get my Taiwan marriage certificate notarised by anyone.

Try another day another counter.


[quote=“FormosaSmith”]It’s not big money, just annoying as hell![/quote]Unfortunately, it’s not exactly pocket change either. AIT charges US$30(!) to notarize a document. That’s around NT$1,000. :shock:

In AIT’s defense, though, I think that’s what the U.S. State Dept. has all its overseas offices (and offices that aren’t officially offices) charge.