Authors should moderate their own threads

Should authors of Forumosa posts be allowed to moderate their own threads?

  • Authors must be the sole moderators of their threads.
  • Authors shoud be able to have some say in the way a thread is moderated
  • Authors should have no POM (Power of Moderation)

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I feel authors should moderate their own threads. What do you think? As ridiculous as your ideas may sound, they should not be moderated into submission by moderators or members that don’t agree with with what you say.

Give some more options, such as “No.” Ideally, moderators are there to enforce rules and improve the quality of threads (moving unrelated posts to new or existing threads, etc.). Some are more neutral than others, but they do serve a useful and much appreciated service.

I agree with Jeff. Anyway, (generally) no-one thinks any thread they make is flounder/flame worthy, so what would the point be?

Easy people! Breathe deeply and back off a second. Go easy on the Keithster! One of the weaknesses of this site is that if a large number of people start posting the masturbation emoticon at the same time, it will crash!! We’ve got a couple of tech guys working on it, and we will get back to you when we solve this problem. In the meantime, be gentle. Thank you for your understanding and co-operation.

That’s a wonderful idea. Give me the ability to moderate my own thread in the Taiwan Politics section. :smiling_imp:

boy i can imagine the discussion on there :slight_smile: i think i hear crickets chirping :slight_smile:

Recommend you install Virtuwank’s Spankmaster 5.1, which allows you to offload redundant manual self-gratification tasks to mirror sites.

Great idea, then I could delete the posts of anyone who doesn’t agree with me.

A better poll option would be: “Should all posters apart from Keiththehessite be given the power to moderate Keiththehessite’s posts?”

A better poll option would be: “Should all posters apart from Keiththehessite be given the power to delete Keiththehessite’s posts?”

Topics in forums like “…Politics”, “Open” and “Flame” are opinion-oriented and should NOT be moderated by their authors.

But maybe authors could be allowed to moderate in forums like “Living in Taiwan,” “Teaching English,” “Legal” etc. where you generally ask a question and expect answers and insight instead of a string of one-liners, off topic tangents, arguements between member foes, all irrelevant to what the original poster is trying to find out. And of course, “why do you want to know?” “who cares?” or “why don’t you learn how to use the search engine?”

Often I search a topic to find a few related threads with anywhere from 1 to 15 pages of replies. There are many well-thought out, helpful replies with detailed information and insight from many points of view. But often they’re in between a lot of that useless stuff mentioned above. Why should members have to trudge through all that to get to the good stuff?

So far everybody replying here seems quick to assume that keiththehessite wants to delete all precious opinions that don’t jive with his. But I think what he and most other members would delete is the irrelevant, off-topic fluff that doesn’t contribute anything except to post counts.

So I think the idea is well worth considering for information/insight forums rather than opinion forums.

I like irrelevant off-topic fluffy stuff! :frowning:

Then you can leave it in your own threads.

Then you can leave it in your own threads.[/quote]

:laughing: :flog: