Autism in Taiwan - ABA therapist with son who has Autism. Want to chat?

Dear Friends-To-Be,

My name is Phil. I am writing to reach out to those of you who has a child with Autism in Taiwan. I was an ABA therapist in America for about 10 years. My son was diagnosed with Autism about two years ago. I have been giving him therapy using English since then. I like to start a group meeting if you are interested. I’m sure we will have a lot to talk about.


hello, i am interested. my son whose turning 4 is autistic too…

Love to chat about ABA. Which sucks for autistic people. Try looking up the voices of #actuallyautistic adults talking about their ABA experiences. It’s the next thing to child abuse.

What I’ve read about ABA also sounds horrific. My son and I are both autistic, and I’d never put him through that.

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I’m personally a big fan of Floortime - it just seems so much more organic and human … However in the more extreme cases of Autism, I could see ABA having some use, even though it’s methods leave much to be desired.

I agree that traditional ABA techniques are bordering on inhumane. However, ABA has come a long way and now has a range of approaches. I agree I would never put my son through traditional ABA but he has flourished under the naturalistic approach to ABA. His Behavioral Technician helps him learn while he he plays and lives his every day life. This includes guiding him to use appropriate words when making requests, prompting him to engage in conversations, and giving him the tools he needs to face society. I am there for all of his sessions and see it as guidance rather than force. You just need to find an approach/method that you think is appropriate and suitable for your family! I had similar issues to my son growing up and strongly believe I could have benefited greatly from the therapy he is getting (though the services available when I was a child probably were not so great).

Hello! I am considering moving to Taiwan but am very scared for my son who is on the spectrum. He has been getting 20hrs/wk of naturalistic ABA for the past year (from 2.5 to 3.5yrs old). I was wondering if you knew of any service providers in Taipei or Tianmu that could also provide services in English. Thanks!

only 3 :point_up_2: mentioned there, but maybe try contacting one or two to see if they have more links/info.

Hi I am interested in the ABA home therapy in Tienmu My daughter is turning 5 and we will be in Taiwan from end of July to end of August. All of her therapy in the states is in English so we are looking for a English speaking teacher,

Please let me know. I have Asperger’s and having a lot of difficulty coping with it.