Autistic Teen's Hoop Dreams. AMAZING!

Autistic Teen’s Hoop Dreams.

Please watch here: … 2742874918

this was posteda month or so ago here. pretty inspiring stuff.

Great story, but what happened next? Did he play more games after that? How’d he do?

Nope, but there’s a movie in the works… produced by magic johnson and some other guy…

Well, if he played so hot in that one game, how come the coach didn’t give him another shot? Doesn’t sound so warm and fuzzy to me anymore.

If I’m not mistaken, it was the las game of the season or something like that. They were already up by a bunch of points and put him in.

Yup… he was only put in because his team was up by a bunch and it was the last game of the season. There were post-season games but he didn’t get to play and they lost :frowning: Here’s a link to the original story…

I understand: everyone thought he was just a retard waterboy and the only reason they put him in is because they were up by so much that the coach felt it would be a nice gesture and he couldn’t blow the game for them.

BUT, the kid then proved them wrong. He showed he wasn’t just a retard waterboy, he could actually play and play well. Wasn’t his hot performance proof enough that maybe he can play? What about the next game where they were up by 30 points – why not give him another chance?

I’m disappointed that he got his one miracle chance to prove himself, he did prove himself, but then they stuck him back on the bench. :s