Auto Checkers Taiwan - mechanical service review

I have previously written a review on Auto Checkers Taiwan ( when I used Jamie’s services to inspect a used car before I bought it.

This review is for his work as a mechanic.

About 6 weeks ago I brought my car to my local Nissan service center for a service and checkup, I also wanted them to locate and fix a problem which was a repetitive, loud, clicking sound whenever I locked my wheel left or right and drove slowly (I suspected the suspension).

The ‘service’ was over in about 10 minutes (and consisted of just refilling the liquids, although they assured my they also inspected the breaks and checked for possible leaks), and the clicking noise was ‘diagnosed’ as coming from my door hinges. I repeatedly asked them if they were sure and did they check the suspension…but they again assured me the suspension was fine.

I had planned a big road trip during CNY, so when I found out that Jamie was back from Mongolia, I booked the car in with him for a pre-road trip check-up.

Even though I live in Keelung and he is based in Beitou, it was definitely worth the drive!

Jamie found numerous leaks under the car, some of them urgent, the spark-plug cables had been attacked by rats (and in some places were showing the metal wiring), AND the clicking noise was identified as coming from a failing front-left suspension (we took a video of the movement in the joint thingy).

So, parts for the urgent repairs were quickly ordered, and Jamie did the job while I was waiting. This alone was great, parts delivery takes a long time, and we were at his garage for about 6 hours, including about 3 hours of waiting time for the parts.

Jamie could have easily asked me to come back the next day, but he stayed on-site and made sure the car was repaired and ready to go by 3 pm, so that I could race back to Keelung to start work.

I highly recommend Auto Checkers Taiwan for doing a proper job in servicing a car, and for their outstanding customer service!

Sounds like a CV joint. If so its transmission rather than suspension.

Still, I suppose you don’t need to know that, if you know a man that does.