Auto-edit of quoted preceding posts


Apparently, our robot overlords don’t like it when you quote the entire length of the post immediately before yours. I never noticed this before, so maybe it’s a new thing.

@discobot quote


:left_speech_bubble: Most great people have attained their greatest success just one step beyond their greatest failure. — Napoleon Hill


I’ve been doing that for years. Guess we’re one step closer to complete robot domination.


Just trying with the post above mine


As your can see, no issues here (I’m on mobile)

Edit: except it loses who quoted who…


Who on earth is @RickRoll?


The one who lives downstairs of @rooftopclown


If it’s above a certain length maybe? It seems ok with this


Oh I see now.


What about this


You seem to have described it well.


There’s a setting for this, I turned it off. I don’t think quoting of entire preceding posts has been a problem for our sophisticated members.


But it is kind of a PITA. Would love to not have to use inception quoting.


Sorry, what is a pain… and what is inception quoting?


I thought you were referring to:

So I called it inception quoting to have a quote in a quote in a quote, etc.




And which one of the two examples you shared is causing a pain?


im so confused


The second one. The first one is just highlighting the entire post. But, as you mentioned, doesn’t credit each post to their respective poster.

The second one takes some time and effort in finding each of the original posts and quoting them in the correct location. Hence, the PITA.