Auto paint store

I dont mean those little spray can or little bottles used for fixing scratches. I mean those things you can put in spray guns, like what you’d find on this site:

I need some for painting guitars… I looked on and and all they got is those consumer based item for fixing scratches or ads for painting cars for you… Is items for professionals (like auto paints) really that hard to find in Taiwan?

I have friends who own a car repair shop, one is a panelbeater. I can help ask about what you are looking for… but as I know nothing about cars or paint, could you email me info on exactly what you are looking for? Like just one pic of the kind of can, what size. Oh and do you speak Chinese? If you do I can put you directly in touch with them.

You want to paint one or 200 guitars in an auto paint store?

I think we have covered air-compressed paint equiment/paint brush somewhere else, but I can not be bothered to search.

If you need high quality paint and coating job for some 200 guitars, you are welcome to contact me by PM. (sorry for the pitch).

All I need are some polyester primer/surfacer (the 2 part kind) that won’t shrink because sometimes I paint open pore woods and I need a filler that will not shrink with time like lacquer. Other than that some PPG urethanes would be nice as soon as I can find ways to spray it without endangering other people.