Autocheckers' ad on Forumosa (doesn't click through) [OK]

Hi, just a word to say that on “autocheckers” 's add it say click here for more but, there is no click option. You can’t click it.

I am sure that it will be resolved soon.

Thanks, it’s an issue we’re aware of, and has to do with how Autocheckers created their flash banner. I believe sulavaca (Autocheckers’ boss) is on vacation now, but he’ll take a look at it when he gets back. In the meantime, you can [url= here[/url] to find out more about Autocheckers, and here to read some customer testimonials. :thumbsup:

Thank you and happy new year.

I might also mention that I’m Autochecker’s very first customer. This is the ride that he set me up with:

That’s right Maoman!

I’m guzzling fantastic French wine at this very moment. Making my banner clickable suddenly seems to be of no significant importance when you’re having all of the best food and drink you could imagine. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the note though iix23. It should be one of the things I will see to upon my return. That’s if I don’t just stay in France for good. I always forget how bloody brilliant the food and drink are here until I return. You can drink Champagne for the price of Wisby over here. Arhhh! :discodance:

That should be fixed now folks.
Thank once again.