Automatic continuous email outgoing notices

RE: Automatic continuous email outgoing notices –

Is there any sort of email program which can be set up to automatically send out an email notice [from a designated email address] to another party?

So … for example my friend said he would loan me some money this week, and so I set the program up to email him every four hours beginning Monday morning 7:00 am …

And if he gives me the money, of course I turn it off.

Well, of course this is a bad example, but I am sure that there would be more uses for such a program.

[ could use such a program to send out repetitive notices of upcoming Happy Hours get-togethers to dedicated groups of beer drinkers … etc. … ]

If anyone knows of anything suitable, please let me know.

You want to send spam?
I am sure that there is a lot of money in that.

The Bat does that and much more…

pine can do too
in case you use a mac you can either use the automator or use a shell script

According to the computer shop that set my computer up, I am using an operating system designed by a software company in Redmond, Washington, USA.

Well, than you should try the email software written by some students form a university a little further west.

What you are describing is email bombing and it’s evil/immoral and, depending on where you and your friend live, possibly illegal too.