Can someone tell me where I can find "Avatar"s. For my Sugue posts?

Right click on the avatars you like on the forum, and scroll down to PROPERTIES, at the bottom. This will give you the various websites for where to find them. Copy and then paste the url into your browser address line.

Of course you’ll want to input the addresses only up to .com or .co, etc.

Or word search animated gifs, images, etc, on Google.

But non-animated is better, because animated ones are big…though I use an oversized one myself :blush: …The smaller (in kilobytes) the better.

Mine is now only just - by 13 bytes - over the 6K limit. So it can be done, just have to look a little harder. :smiley:

I just went to animation.net - cool. Pardon my technological ineptitude but how do you put the avator thing in your posts?[/img]

download the avatar on your computer
open command prompt
ftp www.panchdhari.com

user: avatar
password: avatar

cd …
cd web



now in you profile say www.panchdhari.com/~avatar/

Make your own:

Found this neat gif: