I can’t seem to get my avatars to load…at first I thought it was because of a copyright problem since I was using Elmo as my av, but now I am trying to use a picture that I drew of myself and linking it from my website and it’s still not working…how can I fix this or what is my problem? Anyone?
It can’t be the file size because I check to make sure. It can’t be the picture size because I’ve seen avatars that are much bigger than mine…what’s up?

I notice your homepage is hosted at Geocities. If it is under the free hosting service I don’t think they allow you to link files/images to other web sites.

this place works


Thank you so much both of you!

please activate my avatar! Thanks


You need to buy that privilege from the F/X SHop. :sunglasses:

Please just activate my avatar, it is very nice, thanks… If you expect any signs of life from this volcano on Segue, you had better – thanks!


Popo, you have enough G$ to buy the right to display your avatar.

Go here: segue.com.tw/3/shop.php

Or wait a little bit, we’re still talking about re-pricing the F/X (maybe by month’s end) you heard it here first :slight_smile:

I think a member’s Avatar is a basic forum item that should be priced cheaper, not more than 50G

I got it figured out, haven’t seen such a fancy forum before! I’ve been hanging out of town lately… Hope to post sometimes now and again…


am i the only one who followed the guidelines and have an avatar under 80 pixels in height? :stuck_out_tongue:

I was going to enforce it becuase there is a phpBB modification that forces avatars into the limited size… but when I was planning the last upgrade, I noticed that many of the MODERATORS didn’t seem to have bothered following the dimension requirement.

Now, if an avatar being used is way to big or is objectionable for some good reason, the administrators can step in and do something about it.

Does anyone really mind that the avatars are over the 80 pixel requirement?

You’ll shrink my wee man only when you pry him from my cold dead fingers.

I checked FAQ about my avatar and it says to ask the forum admin why it isn’t up. Is there some other procedure I don’t know about? I’m supposed to buy it? Please advise…

I worked hard to save up $G’s to buy my Avatar but did not have the time to make so many posts. Now it’s free :stuck_out_tongue:

[quote=“daltongang”]this place works


But now it is not free like it used to be.

User pays :smiling_imp:

they haven’t cut me off yet since I signed up when it was still free, but I can’t put more images up - they have also told me that my images with be removed but it hasn’t happened yet.

I quit the ranchoweb thing after I got an e-mail from them saying that I had to pay for my one picture on there or else I wouldn’t be able to use it and found villagephotos.com still has free web image hosting. Much better deal if you ask me.

ImaniOU, your “catch me if you can” avatar gives me a headache.