Average cost of Mandarin lessons

What is the average cost of Mandarin lessons at a language school in a classroom setting? Say, for about 2 hours a day, 4-5 days a week?

At the Mandarin Daily News, it’s 150NT an hour (2 hours a day) in a group of 3 or more
220 NT for 2
350 NT for 1

You can take classes 5 days, 3 days or 2 days depending on availablity of other students.

5 days/week, 2hrs/day

3 months:

TLI 15,000 NT
ShiDa 18,000 NT

Cheaper at Pioneer & others, steeper at TaiDa.

At Jordans/Cornell in Hsinchu it’s 900 NT / hour for private instruction and you must pay for 20 classes at a time. At Chao Tung University it is 20,000 NT for 2 semesters of 6 hours per week.