Average World Gym price?

I’ve been a member at World Gym since one opened up on Nanjing E Rd Sec 5 in Taipei. Year by year it’s $1188 a month, or you can pay $1288 and that allows you to go to any of their branches, except for the “Elite” ones (that’s what they call them) which are Dunhua/MinSheng and the one by Taipei 101. Those apparently are $1600 a month or something. The $1188/1288 options require a commitment of 2 or 3 years, if memory serves. And there is a $1000 or so start-up fee for new customers. These prices, imho, are very reasonable. And no, you can’t haggle. Well, you can try. But they’re pretty firm with their plans. It’s not like it’s a night market and you’re trying to bargain with the seller for souvenirs. (not to sound snarky)

Hey, i’m so sorry. I’ve just seen this reply. I’ve sent you a DM

Doesn’t World Gym also have a yearly ~nt1000 maintenance fee and if you miss it then you’re out.

I’ve certainly not been charged any yearly fee, and I’ve been with them since 2014. Only the one-time fee when I signed up.

Better and cheaper gyms that World Gym popping up everywhere with much better or no contracts.