Average World Gym price?

I’ve been a member at World Gym since one opened up on Nanjing E Rd Sec 5 in Taipei. Year by year it’s $1188 a month, or you can pay $1288 and that allows you to go to any of their branches, except for the “Elite” ones (that’s what they call them) which are Dunhua/MinSheng and the one by Taipei 101. Those apparently are $1600 a month or something. The $1188/1288 options require a commitment of 2 or 3 years, if memory serves. And there is a $1000 or so start-up fee for new customers. These prices, imho, are very reasonable. And no, you can’t haggle. Well, you can try. But they’re pretty firm with their plans. It’s not like it’s a night market and you’re trying to bargain with the seller for souvenirs. (not to sound snarky)

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Doesn’t World Gym also have a yearly ~nt1000 maintenance fee and if you miss it then you’re out.

I’ve certainly not been charged any yearly fee, and I’ve been with them since 2014. Only the one-time fee when I signed up.

Better and cheaper gyms that World Gym popping up everywhere with much better or no contracts.

And these would be which ones and where?

I am curious too

Xare fit have three branches now. One in Xinyi Anhe, one at city hall and one in neihu. 600 per month

Soulfit near Daan station is nice.

Depends where you are,gyms everywhere

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There are around 5 gyms within a 5-minute walk from me and more within 10 minutes. And none of them are World Gym.

Some places are there and I don’t notice until I look like it’s just a door or a sign.

Seems a lot of people get their education or are athletic and then realize they don’t want to work at World Gym so they open their own place.

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Somebody fitness https://m.facebook.com/somebodyfitness/
1ntd per hour

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Soulfit is convenient as it’s an easy $1 / min off your yoyo (sp?) card - no contracts etc. But holy shit that place is always busy. Doesn’t matter time of day. Don’t these people work??!?

I personally liked it better when it was O3 and a boxing / strength gym but prices were higher.

I don’t go there anymore and if I did, would only go in morning and was fine

Another cool gym is Our Gym on the corner of Xinyi and Guangfu. 50ntd per session on weekends and before 5. Or 1000 per month and no contract. Old school kinda place but lots of good equipment and friendly semi serious crowd https://www.facebook.com/ourgym.tw/

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I received an email a few weeks back for some rate if you signed up though work - I believe it was $799 per month but they needed a certain number of people to sign up for it to take effect so I would imagine that is as low as you could really get a membership for (and may be the way that people who report such rates have gotten them).

I did a free week through a promotion a few years ago though needed to listen to a sales pitch on my last day.

“Really, I know that you have to talk to me but have no intention of signing up, no matter what you say.”


“Seriously, I am not interested.”


They then called every day for a week.

Perhaps haggling would work if you really don’t give a crap?

Saw that for a awhile never went through the door.

I like it there

For the smaller/old school gyms I always wonder how would they react to a beginner. In World Gym there are the bulky guys but also guys on the treadmill for hours or girls the same and not really getting anywhere ‘shapewise’, healthier yes, but no muscle build or definition. 98% of World Gym goers are like that. Now, for the really small gyms it is the opposite. They have huge belts on them squatting like monsters, deadlifting like orcs. So I imagine a beginner trying to get into there… must be a joke for their small circle and very scary to even go asking about their prices.

There are informal categories of the small gyms. So while you have all different types of people at World Gym, the small gyms are more spontaneously segregated into all those like muscle building or style looking good or training or CrossFit or aerobics or just girls or whatever.

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I think its the absolute opposite. Small gyms are hyper friendly and people there are helpful and willing to show you things. World Gym and the type attract posers and the staff are trying to get you to spend more. I hate the chain gyms for these reasons. Also the gym behavior like putting back weights is poor in the chains.

Also just running on a treadmill isn’t that great of a workout. It’s fine in a full fitness routine but everyone would benefit from lifting some weights. The people who just run on the treadmills at the chains , usually do so because they don’t know what they are doing.


People have been warned time and time again about the scam of World Gym: their price gauging, how difficult it is to cancel, how they keep charging you afterwards. Not to mention bad service, unprofessional trainers, not so clean conditions, etc. Yet people keep being dragged by the name…

With so many options now, that have transparent charges and better facilities, albeit smaller, to choose World Gym is simply masochistic. Too much mafan.

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