Avian vets in Taipei?

I am a newbie here and don’t know where to post this question. Could it be “Healthy in Taiwan”? Heh…
Anyway, just wondering if anybody knows where the closest avian vet around here, if one exists. I’m living in Nei-hu. I have recently just rendered a baby cockatiel lifeless :frowning:, and I am trying to understand why.

this is just a thought, there are a large number of bird shops on heping w. rd between nanning rd and chunghua rd. maybe there’s such a vet nearby.

There is a place called Fan’ersai

Thanks Juba, that’s helpful. I’ll check into it. =)

Does anybody know of any certified avian vets in Taipei? I’m contemplating bring my African Grey here, but am concerned about health care for him.

You want to bring your African Grey here? That’s cool. I had my Red Lored Amazon sent over to me. It was a huge pain in the ass, and quite expensive, but he’s pretty happy living out on the balcony now. The USDA approved vet back home didn’t follow the directions properly, and my bird was nearly sent back. He had to spend hours and hours in a filthy quarantine room - looked like it hadn’t been cleaned up for weeks. Meanwhile, I was calling, faxing, and emailing trying to get them to send the proper documentation pronto, and spent nearly 12 hours at the cargo terminal till 1:00 am, after all buses had departed. Nice guy in the office gave me a lift back to Taipei. If you have everything done properly, your bird won’t even have to enter the quarantine room.
Are Greys on the endangered list? If so, that’s even more paperwork. Does he/she have a legband with ID#?
I don’t know of any avian vets, but there must be some. You should ask around at bird street. That’s somewhere on he ping west street. You’ll hear the birds screeching when you get close. One of the stores has good quality food, too.
I don’t think there’s anything like bird street here in Taichung, just the occasion bird store with poor quality food.
Well, if you’re going to go through with it, I can go dig out my old paperwork, contaco info, and links to help you out.

Wow, what an ordeal for the bird and yourself…

Greys are on the endangered list, but only class 3 I believe, meaning a lot of paperwork. He is captive bred, but does not have a legband. The breeder didn’t believe in them.

I’ve cased the AAVA lists for certified avian vets in Taiwan, but have not had any luck. In comparison, I did find a few in Singapore.

I’m still trying to decide what to do. I spend most of my time here right now, but don’t know what the future holds.

Hi, guys.

Are there any problems finding a vet here that can treat birds? I know that even rabbits are considered exotic species here.

If you know of any avian-friendly vets, please list them here.