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I am a retired air traffic controller with forty years of experience (fourteen of those years were spent working overseas). Recently, I have been struck with wanderlust and I am looking at possible options for getting to Taiwan.

Are their employment options available in Taiwan that align with my experience? Apologies for the rather broad question, but any help, assistance or advice would be appreciated.

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With the exception of ATC comms, I’m guessing you would have to also speak Chinese in addition to English so you can communicate with others at work and also read Chinese.

Having said that there seems to always be one or two foreigners who don’t know Chinese in lots of offices and businesses.

Maybe some indirect related work like consultant, buying or selling equipment, training, etc. and also either working for a Taiwan company or non-Taiwan company. Some jobs may also require you also know the hardware and equipment.

Maybe teaching ATC related English? But even that might require some Chinese so you can explain in Chinese.

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what is available in your country that align with your experience?

Currently, in my country there are positions for teaching occupational English related to air traffic control.

It is similar to what @tango42 suggested.

Do you have a passport issued by a country where English is an official language, or taiwanese spouse, or taiwan passport?

Yes, it is similar. I have a South African passport. From what I can find on the internet it seems that Taiwan still recognizes South Africa as an English native language country, unlike the Mainland.