do we get them here in Taiwan?
or are they just out of season?
if so, when can i expect them to appear in the market?

I get them all the time. They sell them at RT-Mart. for sure. I go to the one in Chung Ho. Not sure where you are located but check out RT-Mart.

Don’t bother with the big ones; they’re too watery. Costco and Jason’s have Haas avos most of the time.

I agree with the Costco option. Look in the refridgerated section behind the veggies. All avos I’ve seen until Costco were so hard, they would have taken weeks to become semi-usable.

I made a wicked batch of Guac last weekend. I am so pumped about my discovery.

Avocado. Godhead.

The supermarket under the Far Eastern Mall has decent-sized Haas avocadoes. Better still, unlike Costco you can get one or two rather than 10, and they’re ready to use. I had an avocado/habanera sauce spread with bacon and Pont L’Eveque cheese on warm ciabatta for lunch yesterday.

Actually, they come in bundles (?) of 4.