Simple as that…

I live in Tianmu but can’t find avocado at my local Welcome or Matsusei. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Thank you.


Have you tried your jason’s?


Never knew there was one down that way. I’ll check, thanks!


Local markets have them sometimes. You could look around the Shidong Market.


It might be that so many avocado lovers live in Tianmu. If you go to another suburb where there are fewer non-Chinese, you’ll find avocados in both Wellcome and Matsusei, often on special, because the locals don’t know what they are, or what to do with them.


I get them at quan(全) lian(?). It’s a nation-wide supermarket chain. Of course, the people in my area only know how to mix it with milk and drink it, so it might stay on the shelf a little longer. Especially since the price seems to rise daily when it’s not in season.


Just make sure you don’t buy those really large ones. You will break your teeth on them :astonished: Really hard ,even when fully ripe. Completely different variety seems to be sold here. Very few of these Hass beauties.


Both Jason’s and City Super have been out of avocados for at least the last week.



Satan’s haemorrhoids.

Eating them is its own punishment.

May the Creator have mercy on your miserable soul.


You can’t move for them in Carrefour. Both imported hass and the big local ones. Always under ripe, though.


Wasn’t really checking the price at Welcome and these 3 New Zealand cost me NT$267! That’s US$2.90 each or almost US$9 for 3.


That’s definitely on the high end. nt$69 seems to be the norm. At carrefour I’ve bought organic ones from California for that price, which is about the same a what organic California grown avocados cost in California.

These days I buy the local ones because they are in season. I’ve seen them from about 30-100nt. Some are huge, most all are watery and bland but I have had one that was almost the same flavor as a hass. It was one of the smaller local varieties.


Thanks for that. I did not know they were any local ones. I’ll start looking.


The local ones are light green and much bigger. You may not even realize they are avocados. As for taste, you will be disappointed. The fat content must be very low (just a guess) and there is much less of a nutty taste (probably from the lower fat). Go for the imported ones.


There are some out there that are a little better than the giant light-green ones. Though still not as good as the imported ones.


The NZ avocados at Costco aren’t bad. They’re a little expensive. They’re not as good as Hass, but they’ll do (at least in salads, for me).


So far only seen decent ones at Costco unfortunately. Local ones are sprayed to all hell and are terrible. I like buying local, but never the avocados.

Mexico (or any central American source), USA, nz in that order seem best here.


Dumb question I know but how do I eat an avocado exactly ?


Sauces, salads, sandwich’s, burgers etc. Cut in half, remove seed and scoop or cut out the meat to the size you want


Avocado are one of the easiest foods to eat. Open and ready and no mess in 10 seconds. Maybe banana is easier.