There are many ways to prepare an avocado. Here is a good website.

The flavor is often very subtle unless the avocado is a very good one. You should buy unripe ones, ripen them at home, and eat only the ripened ones (website talks about this). Taidong has some good ideas above, but sliced avocados are also really delicious just peeled, sliced, and with a little salt and fresh lime or lemon juice squeezed over. Stab 'em with a fork and enjoy.

Hmm, just talked myself into a trip to Costco.

ETA: to ripen, enclose them in a paper bag (or any bag that doesn’t let in sunlight). Check them daily, maybe twice a day if the heat returns this summer. They’re ripe when the surface just holds a dent from squeezing with your fingertips.


I like mine with salt pepper and extra virgin olive oil.


Has anyone tried the mini avocados Welcome was selling?


Made in Taiwan TIL. Did God or genetic engineering do this?


I wish it was a giant hass, that would be great.

still, they are pretty killer in sandwiches and as a side. Questionable for guacamole, but doable.

In some ways on par with a tasteless tomato- more of a texture thing than a flavor thing.


I’m guessing the darker Taiwan avocado is ready to eat?


Let it get darker still my dude.


Thanks for that. I just this second asked my Taiwan friend who grew up next to a street market says the color isn’t really important. She said if soft, then ok.


If it’s dark it’s usually soft.
The darker it gets, the softer it will be.
Happy eating.

image image !)


One problem with the imported hass is they’ve been treated or deep chilled in some way. They struggle to ripen IME.


Good post !


If they’re imported from NZ then it may be they were picked just after a late, mild freeze or - equally bad - too soon in order to avoid a late freeze. The NZ avocados I’ve had from Costco have been just fine, although I haven’t eaten any in the last month.

Occasionally Costco will stock hass from California, and despite the lengthy sea voyage they’ve been excellent. Knock on wood.


Going to drive to Costco for lunch today (Pizza) and hope they have the bags of Avocados from California, to me they taste better but maybe I am used to the California Hass ones (my CA home Avocado tree grows a few miles from the fist Hass Tree).


I was just at the Costco in Taichung and they have some, but judging by your username I’m thinking you don’t live in Taichung. :thinking:

Hopefully you can score a bag in Kaohsiung.


I was curious as to why those Costco avocados last so long, and the answer is pretty interesting.



That is super interesting. I had no idea. But Costco has lots of California produce in stock, and in my experience it has been uniformly excellent.

And now I’m interested in this California start-up, apeel sciences (italics theirs).


Did not have ones from California, had New Zealand ones, and seems more expensive at NT$400+? I hope the ones from California will come back.


I’m really enjoying the lack of controversy in this thread. Except for the one person who obviously doesn’t like the fruit (yes, it is a fruit and please don’t argue with me), and the little disagreement over the relationship between ripeness and color, this is a nice thread. It’s my understanding that Trump really likes avocados.

Edit: I guess that should have been “avocadoes.” My bad.


I’m not sure how many are in a bag at Costco. The last few times that I’ve bought them there they always had brown flecks inside. That tells me that at least the Neihu Costco is not storing them properly. I bought some at Jason’s for 2 for 99NT. Gotta have my avocado salad dressing. I added a spring onion, a chili pepper, and some honey. http://www.simplyscratch.com/2014/04/creamy-avocado-salad-dressing.html


I counted 5, but did not buy it. My housemate got local ones instead, she prefers them over the NZ ones, but likes the California ones the most? I wonder if a Hass Avocado will grow in humid Taiwan? Seems if I remember when I was young in Hawaii, the Avocados there are the like Taiwan grown ones, and Hass did not grow well there (or not at all?) so maybe to humid or warm?