It is far from ideal, but if needs must…


I’ve just now made it a habit to walk into any supermarket I see and then check the avocado status. Walked into a Welcome the other day, and the ripe NZ ones were on sale for NT$39.

I read something (but now can not find it) that said the California are more healthy or keto friendly than the Florida. I don’t know if any of that makes sense and also wonder where the Taiwan avocado fits.


Too big for most places, I reckon


Considering the creativity of people, probably not. Edit: I googled it, too scary to look.


People can be creative but I stand by “most” :relaxed:


The great thing with avocadoes here is the price goes down as they get riper. I’ve been scolded by older shop assistants before trying to get me to replace a nice dark avocado with an unripe one.