It is far from ideal, but if needs must…


I’ve just now made it a habit to walk into any supermarket I see and then check the avocado status. Walked into a Welcome the other day, and the ripe NZ ones were on sale for NT$39.

I read something (but now can not find it) that said the California are more healthy or keto friendly than the Florida. I don’t know if any of that makes sense and also wonder where the Taiwan avocado fits.


Too big for most places, I reckon


Considering the creativity of people, probably not. Edit: I googled it, too scary to look.


People can be creative but I stand by “most” :relaxed:


The great thing with avocadoes here is the price goes down as they get riper. I’ve been scolded by older shop assistants before trying to get me to replace a nice dark avocado with an unripe one.


Not guacamole that will last one month in the fridge and be easy to carry, nope.

I have bean less baleadas, which means egg, cheese, guacamole, fresh salsa, for breakfast. Nope, no time to make it. One spoon for alll, one plate, 10 minutes eat and go.


You’re very busy people. The bought crap lasts a month in the fridge for a reason, you know. :wink:


This almost looks disgusting



Looks interesting !


Anyone see if the California Avocados are back in Taiwan? I can not find them.



Saw New Zealand ones at PX Mart.


Yes, we have no avocado said one Jason’s and one Welcome.




Avocados are seasonal.

I see them being sold in ‘normal’ grocery like PX mart. Costco also sells them. But I am in Taipei, so not sure about Tianmu


Side note. Costco sells guacamole so thats the closest I get for avocado if I dont see them.


My wife buys them online and has the box delivered, get about 12 per box, think it’s pretty cheap and are about 3-4 days before fully ripe. Tried looking online?


Good idea but I’m more spontaneous with wanting avocado.


I wonder where Hala Chicken gets their avocados. They’re always tasty. Maybe I’ll ask them next time I buy.