Avoiding Duty on Computer

Any idea of how to avoid duty on a computer when taking or sending it to Canada, South Africa, or Australia? I really don’t want to be hit with that. I’ve heard customs can be really strict when bringing one into the country.

When you give the Customs guy your passport, make sure there’s a $100 bill sticking out of it.

How long ago did you buy it? It may be exempt. Things you have purchased for personal use a while ago aren’t always subject to duty. But I’m not familiar with Australian duty laws.

Second hand goods valued under AUD$500 are exempt from duty. There were rumblings they were raising th elimit to $800 but I am not sure.

Try www.customs.gov.au


I am not advocating customs avoidance, but if it is a laptop, then ditch the packaging and put it into a standard Laptop tote, with a few other papers and CDs. If you carry it as hand luggage and head for the green lane, I’d be very surprised if they singled you out of the 1000s of laptop users that travel daily. If you already have the computer and you’re using it now, then it’s pretty debateable that you’d need to pay customs anyway.

If it’s for personal use, it should not be subject to duty.