Avro Canada CF-105 Arrow

Best plane I’ve never heard of. Yet another salute to Canadians.

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Freakin’ Canadians and the Arrow. Next thing you’ll be going off on will be the Canadarm. :laughing:

Really. Mere mention is enough to cause strong men to break down, weeping

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You might want to try and dig this up

Whoa that looks amazing.

I’m reminded of the TSR-2, another such supersonic jet

The British could have had exactly the same thing by the mid-50s if they hadn’t had a bunch of complete incompetents shutting down the boffins at every opportunity, and giving away their IP to Americans.

Just think of all the money we saved you.

I roll my eyes at my Canadian friends on the Arrow, constantly bringing it up as the best thing since sliced bread, but that at least was potentially feasible and not a hunk of junk like the (very ugly) TSR-2. :smiley:

“exactly the same,” in what sense/


I think it’s beautiful, but admittedly functional-looking in a way British jets of the era tended to be. To be fair its main competition was the F-111 which never won any beauty awards.

now take a look at pictures of the actual thing. just hideous shaping.

as for the f-111, not a looker, but it worked and had cool aspects (first production variable sweep aircraft). the tsr? ummm, what did it have going for it?

There are more beautiful jets, but I see beauty. It would have been something taking off with a combined 60,000 pounds of thrust from two engines.

shheeeeeiiiiít, that slab sided, not performance meeting monstrosity looks like it was carved (poorly) out of 2x stock.

Typical for the Brits :slight_smile:

Missed this. It took a long time to get it working right though. It was horribly ineffective at first. Additional engine power helped a lot. Now the North American A-5 was a beautiful jet, but that failing pushed it into a recon role


more thrust helps everything. but I’m talking about things like the tsr shaking pilots blind. no bueno.