Award-Winning Short Film from Taiwan

What does it all mean?

It means “Karma Kicks Keister”. If you ride bareback you can expect to be bucked off.

Either that or “don’t drop the soap”. :laughing:

where the heck did they FIND that old car??

I’m not surprised it won something. I thought it was pretty good. I was surprised that a love hotel would be promoting it.

A just saw a man’s bare flexing buttocks. Now I feel dirty and used.

maybe i should watch it then, i couldnt get past half way, didnt seem interesting enough

edit: after reading sandmans quote…maybe not

If that’s an ad for a Love hotel, probably produced by the hotel owners, I’d question their relationship with sex. Illicit sex leads to death??? Is some sort of “I’m a dirty Catholic who likes sex but it’s very very wrong” subconscious thing being played out? :ohreally:

Ok, i saw the thing , it wasnt bad. But I think we only saw part of it. From the credits it seemed the story was perhaps longer and the husband also was having an affair of his own?