Awesome Food in Taipei?

Que Woodfired Grill, in Songshan:

Never been, just looking at these details online.

Awesome looking space, very impressive, good job there.

Menu pricing (based on photos on google maps)—holy sh&t is that what things cost now??!

Google map review average, as of 14 May 2024: 3.7 / 5



Great food and service with open kitchen can watch cooking. Good design but tall ceilings almost gives a bit of a cold feeling so you know that was just my impression others feel differently. There might be a toy or two in the hotel lobby directly connecting but I don’t not sure

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Oh yeah I forgot. I get 50% off from some membership. Might not be as attractive at full price

Now your positive take makes more sense. Paying full freight there (based on the prices I saw) made me think: There’s no damn way I’m paying that!!!


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