Awesome Things About Living in Taiwan

We have the whack things about Taiwan thread. So far I love it here, so I thought we should have a great things about living here thread. I went back a couple of months and didn’t see one, so here it is.


Personally, I’ve been loving Taiwan more and more this last year or so. I hated it forever.


The peace of mind that comes with not having to constantly look over your shoulder and worry about being mugged by some lowlife.


I love the 蛋餅 here. Cheese, Canadian bacon, plain, with hot peppers, with 油條…I don’t care…I just love them.


Is there any way to put like numbers to responses?

Exactly what I was going to say, and a major reason why Taiwan is now my home.


I came from Singapore, so Taiwan is a step down for me. But it does seem very safe other than the traffic!

And of course the cheap and excellent medical care. The system definitely has its flaws, but I’ll take it over the American situation any day.


I live in a high gun violence city and that still doesn’t cross my mind. I find that strange. Can you explain? Seriously, are men targeted differently?

I loved living I Taiwan because of the cost of living, travel, pay, scooters and adventure. It was a place were I learned on another level.


And yet you’re not back in Taiwan.


I assume you don’t live on the South Side. Whenever I’m in a major American city I can feel my danger radar going off on a regular basis. This just doesn’t happen in Taiwan (unless I’m on the scooter).


Oh deja Vu. Gotta wait on some elderly folks. iJS

Ummm…I take the fifth?:wink:

Edit: but seriously what is this reason for the radar?

In Taiwan, I can walk down an unknown street in an unknown town at 2:00AM and not feel the nervous dread of being the victim of a crime. This was certainly not the case in the U.S., whether I lived in a big city (Los Angeles) or a small town (population 12,000); you’re always looking over your shoulder in that case. I think people just aren’t as prone to commit the same amount of random violence here.


Okay, I can understand what you’re saying but Ive done that and still don’t have those fears. I’m wondering if men have certain experiences that warn them more of impending danger.

People seem genuinely nice here. Whether people in the service industry, strangers on the street, or people I meet at an event, everyone seems so pleasant. It’s a big change from the “f@ck you” service I got in Singapore, and more akin to what I’m used to from the rural US.


Customer service in the US is utter shite.

I think part of it is hard-wired, part from bad experiences. I’ve never actually been mugged (came close a few times), but I know a lot of people who have, and some who were seriously injured. I don’t know anybody who’s been mugged in Taiwan.

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There’s a lot of things that are good about Taiwan. Really good like the health insurance and safety.
Awesome…That’s personal. Seeing the ancient tree stands way up in the back of Smangus, or the first time I saw a firefly display. Swimming in waterfall pools . Seeing the incredible devastsrjon and lower of numerous typhoons and the firefighters and taipower engineers fixing the power supply in the middle of it
A few ladies names not provided. :grinning:


Okay. Thanks. Reason I ask is to get the POV of a male and also I have a co-worker who carries a pocketknife and lives in a relative safe part of town. To me, it’s unnecessary but I’m not him with all his context.