Axle Stands?

I had/have a set of Draper folding ones in the UK, like these:-

but I’ve only seen fairly massive commercial vehicle ones for sale here.

As well as being bulky and expensive, the minimum on these is too high to be easily achived with a bottle jack.

Anyone know where I could get some lighter-duty ones, ideally, but not necessarily, foldable?

I have a pair of two ton stands which I purchased a while ago on Yenping N. Rd. Sorry, forgot where. They’re great. They have rubber pads on the contact surface with groves in to both protect the vehicle and locate them better.

There are also a ton of tools here

Thanks. Taipei trip then.

I’ll wander around Kaoshiung with a photo first but I tried that a few years ago and came up empty.

Oops. Double post