Azul - new bar/western restaurant in Longtan

A friend of mine recently opened an incredible bar/restaurant in Longtan.

It’s called Azul, and it’s located on N 哦375 Zhongfeng Rd. (中豐路), also known as Route 113. It’s next to a huge housing development - Bai Nian Da Zhen - and not too far from a McDonalds (Located on the other side of the road.) It’s only 4 kilometers from Zhongli, and 1 km from Longtan. If you have troubles finding the place, then give them a call 03 480 1001

It has the best decor and style of any bar I have been to in Taoyuan county. It’s in an octagonal tower, giving lots of possibilities for something a litle different.

It has 3 1/2 floors. You have the cafe restaurant on the ground floor. More restaurant seating along with a big horseshoe-shaped bar on the second floor. On the third floor you will find your pooltable along with a small stage for live performances. A flight of stairs run up to a small balcony there too.

The food is not too bad - their chips are great, their burgers are OK, their pastas are said to be good. When it comes to draft beers, then they have Boddingtons and Stella Artois.

I plan to spend afair bit of my disposable income there in the future. Only gripe is the pricing of the beer.

Good Luck with the new bar…I’m never in Longtan but should I ever find myself there I will surely come by.

Pictures of the Azul R&B can be found here

i take it they have satellite? are they showing the olympic hockey games?

Yes we do have satellites, DSTV and Dream TV.
So we have rugby, cricket, football (soccer) of course and much more…LIVE!
We will be showing the gold medal game on Sunday at 9:00 pm. See you there!
PM me if you need more specific directions.

I noted with the utmost satisfaction that you had a special on Guiness yesterday - NT$120 for a widget can. I had a few.

We really should organize a Taoyuan County HH here, and soon.

any chance of a website/price list. some people are interested in heading out that way this weekend. not sure if my better half is in agreeance, however …

Our website isn’t up and running yet. It will be within a month. Not to worry, our prices are about the same as any regular pub/restaurant in Taoyuan. Hope to see you…Cheers

Not only to push the thread to the TOP! :laughing:

Azul’s has St. Paddy’s Part2 tonight (Saturday March 18)
On the bandstand: My fav:Wise Manouvers!

I’m sure Syd & Azul will be happy to see you!

If you do pop in, say “Hi” I’ll be the one watching the Stormers vs. Cats Game inbetween the sets!


We’ll be there around ten. :sunglasses: