[b]Need partner/s for 7-day Central Mountains hike[/b]

I’m dying to do the Nanerduan from Dongpu to the southern cross-island highway but I need someone to go with. The hike takes 7 days, a lot of it above 3000m, but there are huts to stay at the end of every day (no need for tents). The trail is tough in places but clearly marked. I’m free any time from now to Nov 20th and possibly again in March/April. I can also arrange a lift to Dongpu from Taichung, but only on weekends. Contact stuartdorian@hotmail.com if interested.

Have you checked to see if the trail is opened up again after the last typhoons? These trails are notorious for being closed for months.

Tried several times in the last six months to do the trail. Would be very interested. Did the Batongguan in the spring which covers the same trail for the first three days.