B & Q jonghe: a little problem with geography

I went out to buy some stuff in B&Q and at one point there is this huge wall full of clocks with countries flag/name/city and their place on a world map…
something get my attention. i realised that some ( many in reality) flags were not at the good places. so i took this photo and ask my girl to translate the countries names…
THIS is amazing when you can read like Puerto Rico in Africa, Egypt in central Africa, New York in French guyana, Vietnam is an island etc … have a look and enjoy.
it is really scary and sad in the same time.
How many good answers?

Geography,appears to be a Maelstrom of confusion, in Taiwan. You are very lucky to have found B and Q.

Taiwanese are bred with no sense of direction and no geographical fix. This makes all Taiwanese think their little island is HUGE, when in fact it is NOT.

Keeps the denizens happy this way :slight_smile:


I see Italy is now landlocked. Next plate of calimari or scungilli will never be fresh.

Philippines = Irian Jaya
Singapore = Philippines
Vietnam = East Malaysia
South Africa = Namibia
Puerto Rico = South Africa
Italy is landlocked and the US is there twice???

and best of all the clocks are all different on the minutes setting, because as we all know time zones don’t only operate on the hour and the half hour.


This thread should be bookmarked for proving and explaining chabuduoism


I shall cancel my Mediterranean Beach Holiday,forthwith. :cry:

Interesting new mega-continent they created there, drying out the Mediterranean Sea, the Red Sea, the Black Sea, the Caspian Sea… Are the clocks supposed to be set to the times of those countries or just showing random times anyway?

:slight_smile: i will not try to let them know but maybe someone should :slight_smile:

Call TVBS or Apple Daily. This looks right up their alley. :smiling_imp:

As anyone who works in the publishing field can attest, this is pretty much standard quality for graphic design work in Taiwan.

A least it wasn’t the “patriotic version” of the world map (where the Americas are cut from the left and pasted on the right ensuring Taiwan has its rightful place at the center of the world.)