BA Vs Associate’s: pay differences as a Teacher?

Hi, was wondering what the pay differences are like between Bachelor’s and Associate’s if there are any? Or if there are, how big are the differences?
I’m in the UK without qualifications, but I want to make the step towards moving and teaching in Taiwan before I’m 25. I’m currently 20 at the moment.
I have two options. Do a BA (this will take me four years, as I have no A Levels), or do a Foundation Degree, which will take me two years (this is an equivalent to an Associate’s I believe, but it’s a degree all the same).
TEFL isn’t a serious career move for me, just something I want to do for a while whilst I’m in my twenties. But obviously I’d rather have more cash, so i just want to know the differences between the two qualifications and if there’s any pay differences.

With Associate’s you also need a TEFL certificate, and finding a job would be harder and pay could be lower, because what you would get could be what BA holders wouldn’t pick.

BA would be useful in your later life too.

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As long as you can get a work permit buxibans and kindergartens won’t pay you less for having an associate’s degree. I have seen some public schools offer different pay rates for different degrees, but you would need a teaching license to work in those schools anyway, which I don’t know if you can get with an associate’s degree.