Baba Kebaba - Mediterranean Cuisine (Closed)

Hi everyone, we’re the newest restaurant in the Shida area, and we welcome you to come try us out.
As the above title suggests, the name of our restaurant is Baba Kebaba, and we do indeed serve tasty Mediterranean styled cuisine.

We brought in a Israeli-New Zealander chef who ran several successful restaurants overseas to help us do a complete menu design and train our cooks how to make the food to his exact specifications. He also advised on the elaborate interior design, which we feel is like nothing else in Taiwan.

We also currently have a sultry belly dancing show that starts at 7:00 on Fridays and Saturdays and runs intermittently throughout the evening.

Included below is our (updated 2/12/09)full menu, address and opening hours.
As you can see, the prices are quite reasonable.
Come check us out! :slight_smile:

I am a great fan of mediterrainian cuising, and Dolmia and falafels are eaten by me and my girls with abandon.

I look forward to visit your restaurant.

However, one bothers me about the pictures you have put up, and that’s the big amounts of mayonaise you are putting on your dishes. Is it a sop to local tastes, and can you get rid of it for whatever you serve me?

Moreover, one of my favorite Copenhagen mediterranean restaurants have a self service buffet for lunche and dinner. It’s a huge success there, and I would imagine that it would fly rather well here too. (My parents took us to in in 1987, and I took my girls to it exactly 2 weeks ago)

i think that is yoghurt not mayo on the pics.
‘mediterranean’ cuisine (though this is to me more oriental cuisine) hardly uses any mayo at all, but they make good use of yoghurt sauce :slight_smile:

the restaurant looks very promising. i will check it out.

Yes indeed you’re right, that’s what it is!

I stand corrected then.

You bet that I will give it a try, I am a fan of your kind of cuisine, and getting my daughters talked into trying that again is not too hard, if their appetite last time is any reliable guide.

I should probably add that some of the dishes also come with tahini sauce as well as yogurt.

Mr He, we’d love to do a buffet but currently it’s not economically feasible, since we’re just a new business starting up and still trying to attract customers.
Maybe we’ll be able to do one in the future!
For now, all of our food is cooked fresh when you order it.

I like the menu !
(and the waitreses…)
:smiley: Will come over soon.

Conratulations with the opening

I wonder if Raki or Arrak is obtainable.

I think I will bring the girls in, do you do lunch?

Those girls are far too young to be drinking either raki or arrak, Mr. He. Shame on you!

[quote=“Mr He”]I wonder if Raki or Arrak is obtainable.

I think I will bring the girls in, do you do lunch?[/quote]

I love Middle East food(with the exception of falafel–which gave me three diseases when I was in Egypt), but I can’t stand Raki. I remember drinking a few bottles of the stuff (half water/half raki) and almost falling off a boat near Bodrum, Turkey. That stuff is vile. I don’t mind Zambuca, but Raki is raunchy.

I’ll definitely stop by to check out this place.

Oh, has the highball rumour made it that far?

That’s for daddy, and preferably when the girls are not around. If I binge in TPE, it’s prince town for me, and I don’t think the girls can stay there.

Zambuca - isn’t that Italian?

[quote=“Mr He”]I wonder if Raki or Arrak is obtainable.

I think I will bring the girls in, do you do lunch?[/quote]

I’ll talk with our distributer and see if it is.
We are open tomorrow at lunch time.
Our opening hours are 12-10pm everyday, except Tuesday.
I’ve also edited my original post to reflect that rather important fact. :slight_smile:

The good people at Heineken are sponsoring us so we will be running a promotion with them.
Every Sunday in February and March, order a main dish or pita pocket, and get a FREE Heineken.
If you don’t like Heineken, don’t drink alcohol or are under 18, you can substitute your Heineken with a soft drink.

Also on Sundays in February and March, Heineken will be half priced all day.
Only 40nt down from our already cheap 80nt!
We also have some outdoor seating for you to enjoy if you so choose.
We invite you come on down and have some cheap drinks and good food in a cool atmosphere. :beer:

It’s the weekend! :yay:
Just a reminder, we’ll have belly dancers tonight and Saturday, starting at 7.

You should start offering flavoured (apple etc) Shisha as well. Love the stuff.

[quote=“Chewycorns”]You should start offering flavoured (apple etc) Shisha as well. Love the stuff.[/quote]

An excellent suggestion, thanks for the idea, Chewy.
I happen to know the owner has a few shisha pipes lying around.
I’m just not sure if he’s planning on using them at Baba Kebaba or not.
I’ll find out.

I went there for dinner tonight with a Taiwanese friend. Was quite impressed with the food. I had the chicken pita, some humous and pita, and some falafel (first time trying since Egypt). The food was authentic, the ingredients were fresh, and the belly dancer was cute. Along with six or seven beers, the whole bill came up to just over 700NT. I’ll be back for sure, especially in a week or two when Shisha pipes are available.

Hey Chewy, thanks for coming and checking us out.
It was good to meet you and listen to some of your stories of of traveling around.
Glad to hear you enjoyed the food and the dancer. :slight_smile:
There will be more belly dancing tonight, starting at 7:00 for anyone interested.

wow! i knew on copycat island it was only a matter of days before some copied that Sababa place and their revolting faux-mid eastern slop. makes me fearful of opening my own biz here. hope this new place is better and more creative (and better) in its mimicry than its name would indicate. look forward to trying it

So do I. I’m curious, though, as to why you describe Sababa’s food as “faux mid-eastern slop.” I’ve eaten very similar food to Sababa in Israel, Lebanon, Egypt, Syria, Morocco, the south of France, Corsica, the UK and Australia, and I find it to be pretty authentic. Curious, too, as to why you’d describe it as “copy cat.” With the exception of tiny one-horse villes, I can’t think of any city I’ve ever visited that has just one example of a particular ethnic restaurant. Yet new ones are not generally regarded as being “copy cat.”
Variety is the spice of life as far as I’m concerned. If everyone had your strange outlook, after all, Taipei would have only Dominos pizza. They were first here. Personally I thank the good christ above that people had the gumption to create “copy cat” pizza restaurants here.