Baby Boss City

I took the kids to the mall to check this place out. It’s a stupid name, but it’s like the Children’s Museum at Eslite, which is also a stupid name because it’s not a museum. When I saw that they chage 900NT per kid on weekends we decided against it. I wasn’t the only one either. Several other parents came in and said no way. I don’t see how they can charge so much.

Where is it? What is it?

It’s at the Core Pacific Living Deathstar Mall on the 7th floor. Kids can dress up and act like an airline pilot or astronaut or fireman. If you’ve been to the Children’s Museum at the City Hall Eslite store, it’s the same thing only bigger.

It’s not really the same thing. The Eslite one is just a play area. The one at living mall you actually have a chance to "try out "different careers. We tried it once for free for their soft opening. The kids pretended to be pizza makers so they got to wear the uniforms, make the pizzas, cook them and eat them.

Only the kids are allowed inside with the teachers. They then earn money for every job done. They can put the money inside the bank and receive a bank card. The money can be used to buy a drivers licence, drive the little go carts, go hairdressers etc.

Still not worth 900nt but on weekdays it’s 350 and worth the money I think.

I thought is was 700NT on weekdays. I might be reading it wrong.

Here’s their website:

so…I can’t read chinese, but what ages is this for?

My daughter went there and had a blast.

They are having a special in August. It’s half-price plus Dads get in for 88NT. We went for the first time last Sunday. It was very crowded, but the kids loved it. They can earn Baby Boss money by learning a trade. I got a English expanation paper. The workers are called brosisters. We will go again on Saturday.

It is a bit expensive but the daughter loved it. Also, I think it’s worth it considering you’re in effect paying for a bunch of different classes in one day. It won’t be a frequent stop for us, though, because the point of my weekend activities with my daughter is to spend time with her and to do so speaking English. At this place, you’re basically waiting in line for another “class” all the time which is not conducted in English. Then, when in the class, you’re waiting outside. Very entertaining watching but exactly opposite of what I’m trying to do with my daughter on the weekends.