Baby by C-section in Tawain?

Has any one everknown a foreigner that had a baby in tawain? If so could you share the experience.


I did, not physically, but I was there :slight_smile: could you be a little more specific? what do you want to know?

My wife had 2 C-sections at the Adventist Hospital in Taipei. Went okay for the most part. My main complaint was that I was not allowed in the operating room during the C-section–hell, I wasn’t even allowed in for the prenatal ultrasounds. Other than that it was okay except for the overwhelming smell of fish soup and mayou ji (or whatever that chicken and alcohol dish they serve new mothers is) in the maternity ward. With the second one, in 1999, they really encouraged breast-feeding right off the bat–a little tough with the mom recovering from surgery, but it worked out okay. One other compaint is that you need a (very pricey) private room if you want the baby to stay with you the whole time. Otherwise, they just bring 'em out for feeding time every few hours. I’ve heard good things about Chung Shan Hospital–you might search the archives, as I believe it’s been discussed before.

Jeff, I’m in the same boat as you, two c-sections at adventist. I agree with all you said, all in all if I had to do it again I would go back again. For our first though I was lucky enough to be allowed in to watch the c-section, that was 8 years ago, Tsai Chun-Yuan was the doctor but he’s not working ob-gyn anymore.

Winkel, you could try visiting this mother and baby site. You should be able to find some more information there.


Please do pop over to the site that Sandman recomended, lots of great moms and babies over there. We are pretty quite group, but lots of info and always answers…


My son was born via c-section 10 years ago and I was not allowed any where near the delivery room. Even with a private room, he was not allowed out of the nursery much…if I recall, it was jaundice. The private room was worthwhile anyway, air conditioned (the ward rooms weren’t) and no one peering over at my wife during recovery (as if she would have noticed :laughing:). Overall, the quality of the medical care and the delivery were very good, and she still sees the same ObGyn than delivered the baby.

Congratulations! Ours daughter was born about a month ago, here in California. I was allowed in the OR for the C-section and even got to cut the cord. She had a touch of jaundice as well but was still allowed to stay in our room. (Insurance covered all expenses, which was a nice change). Can’t say we were thrilled about the medical care. My wife had major complications that went more than a week without being recognized.

Congratulations, Jeff! You’ll have to post a picture sometime. What kind of complications did she have and why did it take them so long to see them?

I’d post a picture but I don’t know how…