Baby Come to Me … re=related

Nicely done .

You damn horn dog.

uh, housecat, look down from your name. :laughing:

You dont think this group of young ladies did a great job making an old song relevant again? I thought they were great. Classy and no showing of skin was needed either to make them desirable. They do it pretty well, wouldnt you say?

Super-sexy. Children practising dance routines in the living room.


Yeah, I thought of that when I was posting that! :smiley: But at least I only post my Ava. I don’t post vids of beefcake day after day. I guess Tommy’s posts have a wider audiance here anyway. :s

[quote=“Buttercup”]Super-sexy. Children practising dance routines in the living room.


They arent children, read the comments. Two of the girls have cut records, and looks like they are trying to form a group. Thats how people make it in the music business. Madonna had a start somewhere. Maybe these 4 will cut a record singing some old favorites. Nothing wrong with that.

They dont have professional backing, which is too bad. Have you seen the members of SHE before they were made into SHE? They were only late teens when they sang in a song contest. They werent very good then, but look at them now?

IF these girls had a record label backing them, with the money and all, they could do pretty well. The girls in SHE are a major success now and sing pretty good. They werent all that when they started by just joining a singing contest. Heres a clip of the members of SHE when they auditioned.

Not very good then .

And a few years later?

I wonder why women aren’t interested in little boys? The world would probably be a lot simpler if they were.

What about the boy bands? They werent old when they started?

A lot of their fan base were young girls as well as women.

What about the boy bands? They werent old when they started?

A lot of their fan base were young girls as well as women.[/quote]

I dunno. I meant women my age.

Well I dont know your age, and not being a woman I have no reference. But I was under the impression a lot of the boy bands attracted a female audience that were not teens? Maybe thats not so? I couldnt say, but you may have further insight.

Most get their start (girl and boy bands) when in their teens or twenties? Some attained success later in life but I believe most music stars started out quite young.

By the way Baby Come to Me is the songs title if my memory serves. The song was big circa 1984? I remember hearing it a lot back then.

OH here we go: “re-released in 1983 and became a big hit”,_Come_to_Me

Haha tommys smoke is much worse then tommys fire. Vids of beefcake day after day??? Where?? Wheres the beef?

I posted one blog about a cute vet, this vid of a group of girls seemingly trying to make it in show biz. A few vids of monkeys (real ones) in Kaohsiung, a vid of Taiwan as a fun place, a few typhoon vids and im a class one horn dog??? :slight_smile: :slight_smile: Thats pretty funny. The real horn dogs are out trolling the discos in TAipei and not putting posts on a forum. :smiley:

. . . . Story of my life!

Yes, you post almost everything you see, I agree. But you mostly post girls you think are fit for drooling over. Look, I don’t care. I’m not trying to be on your case or anything. I’m not a mod and I’m easy going. I just think you have a bit of an obsession that might be soothed a bit if you ever got laid. Just my humble, humble opinion. :smiley:

Uh, they still aren’t good.

[quote=“housecat”]I don’t post vids of beefcake day after day.[/quote]Maybe you should. To 1) Balance things out 2) Show certain posters what their posts look like to others.

to muchaman:

SHE Is a top selling girls band in Asia. Thats pretty good as it is. They are as good as Jolin and sell as many records. Now you can say that in general the latest crop of Taiwanese singers are not as good as some of the older ones and I will certainly agree. But thats whats going on these days. I think Jolin is a different product then Teresa Teng. Is Jolin really a great singer (NO), a really great dancer (NO) , better then other girls in her genre from Japan, Korea (NO), but shes one of Taiwans best current singers, and shes pretty cute. So shes entertaining. SHE has a few pretty entertaining clips as well.

to the housecat:

If you take the time to observe, you may find people tend to write bout certain things. Each person could be said to be like a magazine. You will agree that magazines are not all over the place, they tend to have a certain theme or themes. Playboy mag would not write about “how to pick up men” for example. And one normally wouldnt be expected to write in to Playboy and complain about all the pics of scantily clan women and the sexist articles.

That said, tommy525 has a few basic themes. And your choice is to read or not read and of course I welcome you to read, and comment on the CONTENT of the article. But its so boring to have that turn into a tommy525 is this and tommy525 is that kinda thing time and again.

My themes are thus: Anything about Taiwan (food, politics, girls, travel, history, etc etc etc) with a strong bent towards Taiwanese females in their 20s/30s, Anything humourous or odd I come across on youtube or other sites.

I dont write about good housekeeping , have no articles on “how to pick up men” , in fact very few postings will be about men or links to pictures of sexy men. There will be very few links to pictures of women in their 40s/50s/60s , etc. Because women of that age (like men) are not as good looking as women who are in their 20s/30s (just a fact). I dont look as nice as I did in my 20s/30s either . And if i want to post a topic about the Pot Belly I can include a pic of myself.

So honestly? What can I say? Read my articles yes, comment on the CONTENT please, but please I get tired of the tommy posts pics of girls he slobbers about (Yes I do and I wont post pics of girls who are middle aged, not in shape or whatever, cuz lets face it, they aint as pretty). Stick to the CONTENT. If you want to attack me personally, then please dont read my postings, put me on ignor. I wont be offended. And even if you peek and comment, you are welcomed. As long as you stick to the CONTENT of my postings.

MOrdeth hardly posts and when he does they are often motorcycle/scooter related because if he were a magazine he would be motorcycle/scooter related.

My posts are about TAIWAN politics, TAIWAN girls, TAIWAN food, etc As well as any humorous or other things that i feel that PEOPLE WHO READ TOMMY525 will enjoy.

They are not INTENDED for PEOPLE WHO DO NOT READ TOMMY525. And if they offend you, sorry and please stop reading me.

I am sexist, heavily biased, obsessed (my topics are ALL the same and they wont change either).

tommy525 postings will be geared for tommy525 readers, all others are invited to NOT READ and put on ignor.

For example, there are lots of mags at BORDERS of all kinds. When I go to pick mags to check out, I get Aviation related mags, Car related mags, National Geographic, Biz related mags. I dont pick up gay mags to take over to the cafe and check out with a cup of coffee because thats not me. I dont pick up magazines geared towards women readers because I am not a woman.

So a forum is like a bookstore, read what interests you, avoid reading what doesnt and especially mags that offend you. Dont write in to a gay magazine complaining about so many articles about the gay lifestyle. Dont write in to Playboy about articles about sex with ladies, etc.

SO housecat, you are welcomed to read my postings certainly and welcomed to comment, but my postings have a certain bent to them. AVoid if they offend you, bore you or otherwise raise the hair on your neck.

Please attack and / or comment on the content.

For example, I spend a few hours at nite mostly online and I read news, etc and i check out youtube.

I came across this vid thru a link from another vid and af first i thought ""oh just another vid of some young girls having fun “”, but I noticed that they were dressed alike (unusual for this type of vid), and they were singing an old song (again very unusual for teens these days), and then i read the comments and I thought this was pretty cool. They were singing a song that I rather liked when it came out. So I posted it , thinking some people may find it cool as well.

So then of course the comments about me posting stuff about young girls , etc etc etc.

Boring housecat. You can comment if you think these girls are good, if you like the song or not, or whatever, but you get my drift ya?

Thanks for reading.

But the problem is, you put your teenage boy articles in the grown-ups’ magazine. I think that’s the problem people have, tommy.

you like little Asian girls, we get it. Don’t be surprised if people say ‘Change the record’ from time to time. :unamused:

[quote=“Buttercup”]But the problem is, you put your teenage boy articles in the grown-ups’ magazine. I think that’s the problem people have, tommy.

you like little Asian girls, we get it. Don’t be surprised if people say ‘Change the record’ from time to time. :unamused:[/quote]

Well I shouldnt deny that I have women readers of my posts then (never was my intended audience) and thus I should see if I can find more links and articles that may appeal? Ok, I will be on the lookout for things that may appeal for a different demographic. Thanks for the feedback.

I might start putting links to sexy men just for you. Dont blush !!

What magazine am I?