Baby commercial


can anyone tell me how I can get an audition for kids commercials in Taipei? Does anyone have experience with taking part in one of these commercials?


Aren’t you a little old to pass as a kid in a commercial?

There are many model agencies in Taipei, you need first to get some shots of your baby and then email them to these agencies, they will contact you.
There isn’t so much “casting” per say for babies since he or she isn’t going to be acting at that age.
Anyways try VNL models, send your email to with name, age, weight etc…
PM me if you need more info.

There was a discussion about modeling on parentpages (, where parents talked about their experiences and also gave some contact information for agencies. I took my son to a couple of “auditions” but didn’t continue because I found generally the pay is really bad (like 1000TWD for a few hours, and maybe they give you a free copy of their catalog or some prints) and the conditions aren’t always good for the child (standing in a park doing summer photos in winter, or in winter clothes in summer heat, for example). Also, you have to go to those “auditions” and some studios are in Taipei county, so you have to take a long bus ride or pay a lot for a taxi, then you find out there are LOTS of babies having their photos taken, so you may not even get to be paid for the real thing. AND they dressed my son in a pink bunny rabbit suit, which he really didn’t appreciate, even at one year old.

That’s just my experience, and I’m sure some parents and kids enjoy it. Do a search on parentpages for more information.

1000nt for a few hours? They cheated you!! Everyone I know who does the modeling is paid 1000/hour and some companies pay for travel time!

Oh, don’t worry, we never got accepted for the actual shoots, and if we had I would have turned them down. It was just too much to go to the “try-ons”, pay for your own transport there etc, not fun for us at least. Some people may really enjoy it, it just isn’t my thing.

My then 18 month old did a print ad for Mead Johnsons and for 5 hours work, she got paid 14,000nt which was pretty good. Basically we were there from 8-1pm and there were 2 other babies as well. They took turns of 30 minutes each for their shoot but turned out ok as I was afraid my daughter would get tired and cranky. But they entertained the kids so I was quite happy overall. She didn’t have to dress up in anything too frou-frou…(thank god!) and of course the money was a good incentive :slight_smile: